Friday, September 27, 2013


Well, you know by now that I'm trying to use the big pile of scraps I've collected in the last few years. I'm very enthusiastic about the results!! Such pretty colors!! And so many...

The grey really makes the colors pop out, don't you think?? I thought of making a cozy for a pot to put plants in (what's that called in English? I can't find the translation...), but I was having so much fun making it and love the look of it so much, I've decided to make a baby blanket or a pillowcase out of it.

And the BIG pile of scraps is shrinking and shrinking... Do you see the pretty notebook? That's my new blog notebook. I'm trying to get some insight in what I'm doing. This should help, RIGHT??!!

Not sure what I'll use these for yet, but I'll figure it out. For now I'm just enjoying the look of them.

Have a festive weekend!
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