Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Chit Chat

Just a monday 'Hello!' from me to you and some eye-candy to brighten up your day. Do you see the lovely scissors with the little geisha on it? In pink and yellow no less, my favorite colors. This was a present from my man (he is starting to really know me!!) and I think it might be the best gift he EVER got me. Don't you love it?? Now I can cut my loose ends in style!

And I just HAD to share these gorgeous Dahlia's with you. They are my favorite garden flower and mine (and my mom's) is full of them. The beauty of it is, I can just plant them again next year, with even better results, and I will get more new ones too, so my garden will be even fuller of this floral abundance. I cut them every day (the more you cut, the more you get) and have little vases with fresh lovelies everywhere!

And these are some new potholders I designed to take with me to the Crafty Almhult Market. I will take lots of goodies with me. Not only crochet, but also fat quarters, beads, buttons... Only 4 more days...

Well, that's it for me today. What are your favorite summer flowers??

Have a flowery day!

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