Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Color Bomb!!!

Today I finally finished my color bomb pillow. Yeah! I love the way it turned out. I used my new yarn and my new fabric. It makes me so happy to work with such vibrant bright colors. I think this is my first finished pillow that's 3d. The flowers curl up a little bit more than I intended, but that doesn't matter much. 

I did something different with the edging this time. Just some improvising while I was doing it. It works well, especially with the white around it. It did cost me some frustration though! The corners are quite complicated sometimes...

I am proud of the back as well. The little squares work perfectly and I solved the problem of not having a zipper quite elegant.

I'm planning on making a tutorial of the flower granny. That's exciting 'cause it will be my first. Maybe somewhere next week.

I also did some Sinterklaas shopping today, that's a Dutch holiday, kinda like christmas. I bought all kinds of fun and educational games and toys. I also bought some craft materials for tomorrow. We are going to make a garland with pompoms.

And for both the girls I bought a placemat from HEMA. I love this design!

So tomorrow after school there's going to be some serious crafting going on here!

Wish you a very nice day!

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