Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This saturday I had the whole day to myself and I got something wonderful in the mail: The book Homespun Style from Selina Lake. It's such a treat!!! Can't get enough of it. It's so inspirational. Here are some pics to convince you.

And I have another inspirational book to show you. It's from Edition Paumes and it's Japanese. The weird thing is, all the books are filled with pictures from all over Europe. I got one as a present from my  love for our anniversary two weeks ago. I want to have them all!!! Luckily my birthday is in January, so I don't have to wait long for some more (I hope)...

It is a little bit hard to read the info, but who cares?! The pictures are enough! I love all the retro aspects in both books. It's totally my style.

The sneak peek I showed you last post is almost done. I have to make a back for the pillow and then I'll show you. I did want to show you a little cuddly toy I made last week. I forgot all about it then, but here it is now.

Just something fun to do between all the bigger projects. I was a bit grumpy when I started making it, but felt all better once it was done. I really like the granny sweater.

Well, tell me what you think! Hope to show you something more soon!

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