Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring Is In The Air

Don't you love the feeling that spring is nearing? I do. The light is different, birds start singing early in the morning. The light comes through the curtains before nine... I love the spring. When we were living in Thailand last year, that was the thing I missed most, Spring. You can just smell it when you're outside. And it doesn't matter to me that it still freezes. So I've started to work on some spring colored crochet and crafting.

I showed you the two sides of this pillow before it was finished. I really love the colors and that I can just flip it around for a complete different style, or color actually. It looks very retro to me, this pattern. It's very sunny.

This is what our temporary couch looks like and the poof in front, I got at the local thrift store and covered it with some new fabric I bought for this pupose. For the new couch I will make some matching cushions, I think.

I love how colorful and sunny my living room looks now. And I'm very curious what it's going to look like once the new couch finally arrives... Only 5 weeks to go...

Of course I had to start a new crochet project as well. I think it's going to e a table runner, but not sure yet. I really like these awfully sweet colors.

Well, enjoy the upcoming spring!
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