Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunshiny Days

I've been quite crafty the last couple of weeks. Even though the weather tempts us to go outside a lot, I still get some creating done. One of my projects was our camper van oldtimer...

My love did the outside (repaint and striping) and I did the inside. It was such a fun project, 'cause the thing looked terrible! Now check out the inside...

We bought new foam rubber and I made new cases with IKEA fabric. We made a new table and I really love the yellow flower tablecloth I stapled on it. A few picture frames here and there, my first crochet garland and a few curtains, and now it's our own cozy holiday home. We are leaving for Germany on thursday. Can't wait...

This guy visited me last saturday and it was funny, since he posed for me for about 15 minutes. Sometimes he would fly of and then instantly return. It felt like he was watching me as well. Doesn't he look extraordinary?? I love dragonflies...

My dahlia's started to bloom finally! It took about 4 months after I'd put them in the ground, but I must say, it was worth the wait. They look so beautiful and very colorful in our front yard. The vegetables in the back yard are producing nicely and I never thought I would enjoy gardening as much as i do. I'm slowly turning into my mother...

Before I leave again, some colorful craft and homy pic's. I love our pink laundry in the yard... So lucky I have girls! And I'm happy to say I started to enjoy crochet again. Have some projects on the go.

Enjoy the sunny holidays! See you later...


  1. Now, that's all very happy looking!! I may have a little overdose ;-)

  2. Have a good time in our country!!
    XO, Martina♥

  3. Your mobile crafty home is looking gorgeous. I wonder if the dragon fly will hop on board! Have a wonderful break. Chel x

  4. Hello Jenn. I love your blog, I have visited before but I am commenting now. Your home looks lovely and warm and welcoming with all those pretty colors! I too love to crochet and have done a caravan revamp which you can see here: It is a lot of fun and of course had to also include crochet! See you again

  5. I love what you have done with the campervan, it looks very bright inside and I am loving the bunting on the inside too :)

    That dragonfly looks stunning, it was very nice of him to pose for you!


  7. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Annemarie's.


  8. I LOVE it that you are not afraid to use yellow. Too many people run away from this colour and you use it in such a vibrant, happy way that one can only keep on looking at your work!

  9. Thanx! I must admit, using yellow is a pure necessity for me. After pink it's my favorite color and I always tend to use both colors in my creations. Otherwise the mix just doesn't work for me...


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