Monday, December 9, 2013


I was spoiled last week at Sinterklaas. I asked for the Haken en Kleur book and got it! Yes! I was extra excited, 'cause I'm going to the book signing next saturday at Echtstudio

The writers of the book, Saskia and Claire, work with just as many colors as I do, so the book is very inspiring. The pictures show you some of the patterns I really like. I'm sure I'm going to make the yellow shawl, and I love the colorful flower tote... 

Got another lovely present. A big wallet from Santoro. Last week when we were in Antwerpen at Akotee, I was checking this out, not noticing my man keeping an eye on me. I was totally surprised he got this for me. It makes me instantly happy just looking at it. (Even if it's empty...)

And this is what I'm working on now. Still finishing the coasters. I think this pattern is going to be in my shop, as are the coasters themselves. Can anyone tell me, how do you make a pdf pattern. Do you make a chart or a description? Is it possible to just draw a cart and make a picture, or does it have to be digital?

Anywho, am also (finally!) finishing the granny baby blanket and loving it to pieces. 

Have a pinkish monday!

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PS. Does anybody have suggestions for crochet drawing software for Mac??

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