Monday, December 2, 2013

Yarn Talk

The last few weeks I got several questions about the yarn I use. I thought I'd answer you all in a post about it. I use a lot of different brands, because I need the colors to be just right, and haven't found a brand yet that has all the colors I love. They are all (more or less) the same quality and thickness.

For cushion covers, coasters, potholders and other small projects I use about 5 brands of the same type yarn. I use Schachenmayr SMC Catania, Phil Coton 3, Rio (this one is significantly cheaper), Katia Capri and Cotton Quick. The last one I only discovered recently (I don't have a picture of the label... I'm not so organized with yarn). This shop sells 4 of these brands. Because you all come from different countries I'm not sure which ones can be ordered or bought in you country. Just look for the brands on the internet and I'm sure you'll find something. It's all mercerized cotton and I use a 3,5 mm hook. There are other brands too that have the same quality.

For blankets I use a thicker yarn. I use 3 different brands and just mix them, the same as I do with my other yarn. I use Creative Cotton, Drops Paris and the yellow I use is Catania Grande (I don't like the other colors of this brand). The last brand is mercerized, that's why I only use it for the center of squares or circles,  otherwise it would be noticeable it's a different yarn. (The first 2 brands aren't mercerized). Some people don't like the first 2 brands, 'cause it splits easily, but I really don't mind that so much. You need to use a smooth high quality hook and than you'll be fine. I really like the softness of this yarn and the great great colors! And on top of all that, it's really inexpensive!

I did only a little crochet this last week. Still busy designing and making coasters. I've always loved the African Flower Hexagon, but never used it before. I thought they might make some nice happy coasters... And they did!! I used Pigtails' tutorial. (Thank you Magda!).

There's also some unfinished business I'm transforming into something else. Started it ages ago and don't like the color combination anymore. So it's going to be something else...

A last remark on the yarn: Echtstudio is a great yarn shop. It's in the town where I live, so I'm very lucky, but it's also possible to order. (I'm not sure if you can order from abroad though...)

Hope this was helpful. Enjoy your day!

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