Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jolly Trolley

I know, I know... I would keep away from the blog... It's just that  can't. It's on my mind all day (and evening, 'till I go to sleep)! I just LOVE it so much. But I'm still taking it easy. Pulled out my sewing machine and got going. How you like them apples?? Or should I say Color Bomb Patchwork Cushion Cover?!

I love the way it turned out. And the back matches so well. I'm thinking to make a DIY kit to sell in my Etsy shop, would some of you like that?? It's a 40 x 40 cm cover, with zipper. It really brightens up the place (and yes, even my place can always use some brightening up!).

And it matches so well with the Pastel Color Bomb Project I started yesterday. It's going to be another baby travel blanket. Think it will be finished soon, since it's so much fun and it's easy.

But now, for the Jolly Trolly, I didn't want to keep this happy object from you. How pretty is this?? I've been drooling over this trolly from IKEA for months. I just couldn't think of a founded reason to get one. And even though I didn't find one, I got it anyway from my birthday money (yes, I got birthday money this year...). And how I'm LOVING it!!

It moves so smooth and the constant burst of color lightens up my moods. I don't know how I ever lived without it. And it's so useful for my yarn storage. Works like a charm!

Gonna leave you with a little photo mosaic of the pretty cushion. Couldn't resist even though they are double... Have a Jolly (Trolley) day!

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