Monday, December 17, 2012


How was your weekend? I started a new project last weekend. It's weird, 'cause I'm only using black, white and grey in this project, which is nog my cup of tea normally. I like it anyway. It's a present for a dear friend of mine and she loves black and white. I hope to have it finished by next monday as a late birthday present.

I'll show you more once it's done.

Anyway, I wanted to ask you something. The last tutorial was so much fun to make and the responds were so enthusiastic, that I decided to make another one. I was planning to make one for these potholders.

You can see the front and back in these pic's. I love to make them. It's easy and a real nice present to make for anybody. Although there are more tutorials about this potholder, I altered the pattern and like it better this way. Can you guys let me know if it is desirable for me to make such a tutorial? 'Cause it's going to be a lot of work and I only want to do it if people are interested.

Tonight I'm having my second craft night, with 6 ladies (instead of the 4 last month). The group is growing! Tonight I'm going to teach them how to crochet. It's very exciting, because I don't know if I've got the skill to teach... We'll see. And you'll see as well, because tonight I am going to take pictures. (If I don't forget again, haha). I made 6 readers with the article that got me to crochet. (It's an article from Sarah London in Flow magazine, 3 years ago). Everybody bought their own hook and I'll supply the yarn and knowledge. Looking forward to it!

Craft away everyone!
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