Sunday, December 30, 2012

Somewhere Over The...

When packages like this arrive by mail only 1 day after I placed an order I'm happy...

But when I open it and it bursts into color before my eyes I'm overwhelmed with joy and happiness... Silly isn't it? Although I'm sure you will all recognize the feeling, right? RIGHT???

And then, when you wake up and walk downstairs, not thinking about it, ('cause you have to start up a new day, make sandwiches, tea, eggs) and walk into the living room to see THIS I'm just totally excited! By daylight the colors always look better.

The reason of this 'yarn greed' is my long stalled decision what to do with the pretty, soft and thick cotton I bought some time ago. Remember?

It's going to be a rainbow blanket for the little ones' new bed. The cotton is just wonderful, although the yarn does split (a lot...). I use a 4,5 needle, so it progresses quite fast.

I love to work with all the rainbow colors, but you already knew that, didn't you? Well, now you know what I'm doing this weekend. Hope you have fun too!

See you next year, probably. Have fun on new years' eve. And a happy new year to all of you!!!

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