Thursday, January 30, 2014


I've been so busy starting up my Etsy shop and design my new header, that I had only little time to get some crochet going. I made some small projects for the shop, but they were mostly patterns I already knew and it gets boring to make 6 of the same... Time to start something new!

I made these pot cozies last week, while lying in bed with the flue. I love how they brighten up my boring pots! They feel like spring...

Got a new flower square pattern going. I got the inspiration of the white flowers from Dada's Place. I really love her version of my flower square III pattern. I even tried it myself with a new yarn and very different colors than which I usually use, as you can see on the pic beneath. 

Anywho, busy, busy, as always. The shop is doing well. It got lots of attention and I wanted to thank you all for your sweet and encouraging comments! Sandra from Refelctions and Nature asked me if I was planning on selling some patterns too. I have been thinking about that for months. I decided to do it. (Don't worry, there still will be free patterns as well!). The flower coasters will be in my shop, hopefully next week. I still have to figure out how that works... Does any of you know of good chart drawing software??

Have a challenging thursday!

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