Thursday, January 2, 2014


First of all I wish you all a very happy and colorful New Year!! I hope you had fun during the holidays and maybe was spoiled a little?? I was.

As you already know I made a lot of coasters for presents. I think everybody was happy with them. It's always kind of scary to give someone something homemade, but they were well received. Funny enough, both my sisters had homemade presents too. They were the edible kind... Yummy! The picture above shows another set of coasters I made and although these aren't my usual colors, I still like them very much. If you like my coasters, they will be for sale at the end of the month in my Etsy shop in various color schemes.

Even though you haven't heard from me for three weeks, I didn't sit still. I finished my Scraps Color Bomb Project and, again, gave it away. My friend Mirjam told me, when I was working on it at one of our crochet nights, that it made her instantly happy. So I couldn't think of a better recipient than her. She looked at it, totally in love, all new years eve... Do you like the fabric I chose for the back??

But, I also wanted to tell you about my resolutions. Or at least one of them. I normally don't really care about resolutions, 'cause they mostly don't really mean anything, but in december I started cleaning out my house and I was startled by my own greed. I have so much stuff I don't use, some of it still brand new in it's packing! I decided this year is going to be about GIVING. So that's my resolution. I already started by giving presents at christmas, which I normally don't. But it's also going to reflect in my actions. I want to look around me and see what I have to offer to those in need. And of course, it's also going to show here... There's going to be a give away each month.

Now this cushion is finished, I can make you guys the tutorial! That's also gonna be published this month. My gift to you.

Having a little time apart from my blog inspired me to do something else too. I'm making a mobile of paper circles and I love it! It's always nice to diversify a little...

Have a cozy thursday! See you next week!

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