Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Crochet Balls

Long time no see! But here I am. Been taking some time off to do some crochet and get some other things going. But as you can see, I have some inspiration for you now!

My craft room is still in need of some decorating and I wanted to make some fake flowers or something, to color things up a little. I decided balls would do the trick... And they do!!

As many of you know, I'm not the amigurimi type, but I figured, I needed to give balls another try. This is the result. I will definitely be making more of these. The flower ball is a new design and I like it even more! Hmm... I feel the need of another tutorial coming up...

It's lovely don't you think? I will experiment some more with colors. I'm so happy if I learn new skills. Who knows, maybe I'll be making amigurumi's shortly... Not likely though!

I'm now preparing for the Amsterdam Maker Festival, which I will be attending with my fellow Etsy team members, Ka ching. I have to make lots of Coasters, designed 4 Post Cards (Yes, they will be available at the Color 'n Cream shop soon!!) and am figuring out what to take with me to sell. It's very exciting, and nerve wrecking, really. It's a bit scary too...

Oh, before I forget... THANK YOU SO MUCH for the great responses to my May Give-Away! I was totally overwhelmed. I finally decided I will be selling some yarn in my shop. But it will be Color 'n Cream color combinations only. I always combine lots of different brands as you know, and I will make my combo's available for you. There will be a try-out next week with 10 sets of 5 balls in my Pastel Combo. I figure, you will need to be quick about it, but we'll see. I still need to get into the details for ordering more...

Well, I'll leave you for now. My promised tutorials might take some extra time, because I didn't think of the festival. Does anyone have requests for the 'Mastering The Basics' series??

Have a stormy day!!

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