Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pastel Crochet Cushion

Tadah!! Here it is. The Pastel Crochet Cushion Cover. I love how it turned out! It took me quite a while to finish though...  I used one of my old granny square patterns. This one has an edge too. A little white romantic edge.

I did the back in my usual way. It works lovely with the pink/white fabric and the yellow buttons. I added a little white edge on the back strip too. You can buy this Crochet Cushion Cover in my shop.

As you all know, I'm working on a tutorial on how to make a crochet cushion with a fabric back. The pictures are taken, I just need to finish the tutorial. And then finally you can all make your own!!

The little one is taking a nap here, on my craft room floor (on a mattress...). I always love to hear her breathe when sleeping. Oh, and yes, she is sick AGAIN... Poor little sweetheart. (Poor me too, hadn't had a normal night sleep since saturday)

Have a colorful day!

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