Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Crochet Happiness

I don't think I ever had more fun chrocheting then when I was making these little colorful flowers. This is the PERFECT scraps project!! I will keep on making these until all my scraps are gone, and then I will make some more. I don't think I'll ever stop making these!

All the colors go so well together and I'm sure you'll all agree: These pretty suckers are instant spirit lifters!! Nothing ever made me happier... Without exaggeration (or maybe a little...)! I'm not sure if I ever want to crochet anything else...

I've been thinking of all kinds of projects I can use them for: been making garlands, could make brooches, magnets, appliques... Who can think of more fun ways to make use of these pretty little flowers?

For now I am making lots of mini garlands to sell on the Amsterdam Maker Festival this weekend. I will be there on saturday. I'm still quite nervous about it... The Mini Crochet Flower Garlands are also for sale in the Color 'n Cream Shop.

I hope these flowers made your day a little happier as they did (and still do) mine. Have a flowery day!!

PS. Voor de Nederlandse volgers; als het je leuk vindt om me te ontmoeten, kom dan zaterdag naar het Amsterdam Maker Festival. Volgers van mijn blog en Facebook mogen een van mijn ansichtkaarten uitzoeken.


  1. O my goodness, these are wonderful! I had thought of making a flower garland as well and I still might-- I thing it would look lovely draped just about anywhere.

  2. Little flowers made and gives a lot of happyness.

    Have a hapy and colourful day, Margaret

  3. Just love those tiny, colourful flowers. They make great garlands and would look nice hanging in the window too or decorating wrapped presents or even sticking them on cards!

  4. deze zijn idd heel leuk om te maken. heb er een tijdje geleden ook enkele gemaakt, dat zijn halskettingen geworden. valt heel goed in de smaak bij de meisjes ;-) ben ook nog van plan om er haarspeldjes/-elastiekjes van te maken.

  5. C'est toujours la jolie de crocheter des fleurs! It's always a happy time when I crochet flowers!

  6. Very pretty and cheery! They would make cute barrettes/ headbands as well or maybe some barefoot sandals, even on a summer hat or wreath. What about curtain tie backs?.... :)


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