Monday, June 2, 2014

Mastering The Basics: Joining Solid Squares

I've been totally neglecting my blog for the last 2 weeks. Prepping for the Amsterdam Maker Festival, taking the SEO course this month, having a little one by my side every day (sick) it was a little too much to keep this place going as well... To make it up to you: Another crochet tutorial in the 'Mastering the Basics' series. Joining Solid Squares.

For this project I used a 3,5 mm hook and 100% mercerized cotton. I always use US terms for my tutorials. The Crochet Tutorial for this particular square is available in my shop.
To start, make sure you have all the solid squares you need for the whole panel/blanket. For this cushion panel I need 9. Make sure you've finished off all the loose ends before you start. 

Put 2 squares back-to-back and hold them like you can see on pic 4. In the corner space, 3 sc, from then you will be joining each pair of dc's with a sc. See pic 5/6.

When you arrive at the next corner, 2 sc into the corner space (not 3, that's only in the beginning en end of each row). Hold your next 2 squares back-to-back, into the first corner space 2 sc. Make sure to pull it a little, to make it nice and tight.

Just repeat until you reach the final corner space,  3sc into that space. Cut the yarn and pull it through. It's kind of weird, but this way it will look best when you finish the panel. Don't make another sc or knot, just leave it like this. You've joined 2 rows of solid squares now. Start with the next row in the same way, see pic 13.

Now you've joined all the squares on 1 side, you need to join them on the other side. Turn your work and just do as you did before. When you arrive at a corner space, 2sc, go over the fist row of sc's, 2 sc into the next corner space (pic 16/17). 

For this panel you only need to do 1 more row, beforeit is done. You can make the panel as big as you like, just make sure you have all the squares before you start so you can finish each row completely. You want to keep on crocheting in the same direction for the prettiest result. 
Before you proceed, pull out the beginning of your yarn of each row of sc's like shown in pic 20/21. 

Now add another round of sc's around the whole panel. I always like to crochet around the loose ends so I don't have to finish them off later. 1 sc in each dc, 2 sc in each corner in between rows (pic 23), 5 sc in each corner (pic 24).

Join in the way shown on pics 25-29 or with a ss. Finish off your loose ends and VOILA!!!

Pretty simple right? And simply pretty too!! Have fun with it!!

I'm working very hard this week to make my Cushion Cover Tutorial. I hope to have it in the Color 'n Cream Shop at the end of this week. 

Have a crochety day!!


  1. What a lovely way of joining squares. Thanks so much for the helpful tutorial.

  2. Le résultat est très joli. La technique est simple, merci beaucoup! Nice, simply and useful

  3. wow this is awesome. I am going to save this for when I have to join I am going to follow your way. I am kiki by the way and I am new to your blog. Nice to meet you

  4. It's very nice of you sharing this, and the colors (as always) are so pretty and lovely.


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