Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Fun

Been taking some time off this week, from blogging at least. My man took my computer and I took this time to finish the Scraps Blanket and to do some fun projects.

I'm totally into Brian Tracy at the moment and how to manage my time and stuff like that. It's very interesting and effective and my life is getting more and more organized. I love it! My man and me are taking his 'lessons' together and we are much more productive and have more spare time. Isn't that wonderful!

Oh how I love orchids. I thought I'd use this opportunity to share these pretties with you. Don't you love the way flowers look in the light of summer? My dahlia's started blooming too. That always makes me happy...

The scraps from my Scraps Blanket. I will show you the results next week. I've also taken all the pictures for the tutorial. I hope to have it finished next week. Sorry for the delay, but this week just went a little different than planned. I enjoyed it very much though!

Been making these sunny doilies just for fun. I will make a few for the Sunday Market of july 6th. What you think?

I just used the pattern from my Flower Potholder and left it single instead of making it double. It's lovely don't you think. It could really brighten up a coffee table...

This is kind of a rainbow doily. It's not to my taste yet. I'm experimenting with the color scheme. I will make some more this weekend I think. But today I'm giving a crochet workshop in the school of my kids. We have a big summer party and the theme is 70's 80's. There will be more craft workshops, since it was so popular than, and I'm really looking forward to it.

I hope you all have a sunny weekend and that you get some hookin' done. Have fun!

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