Friday, June 13, 2014

Doily Love

I've finished the first custom order I ever had!! What do you think? The lady in question really liked my Pink Coasters, but she needed something bigger and asked me to design a doily that would suit her pink kitchen (!!!). It was a real challenge, because I don't have much experience with doilies, but after pulling everything out over and over again, I got better at it and this is the final result!

I am quite proud of myself and always love to learn new skills. Learning really keeps my mind fresh and excited. I particularly loved this order, because of the pink, as you can imagine... I really LOVE pink!

On the same day I received this order, I also received another custom order (go figure, and normally I don't even do custom orders...). A lady from Missouri asked me for a bigger version of this Granny Square Baby Blanket. I so enjoyed making this blanket that I said yes. I'm working on it now.

It's gonna take me some time, but that's ok. It's so uplifting to work with all this color.

So, that's what I'll do now and the rest of the weekend. The camping trip is off, because the little one is not herself right now, so I've got lots of time to kill!

Have a summery weekend!!

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