Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Give-Away

Did I almost forget the promised monthly Give-Away!!! Couldn't allow that to happen. So, this month, the Give-Away is kind of obvious. It's the Granny Square Scraps Blanket Tutorial! YEAH! Leave a comment below and win this fun project!

Talking about 'giving', all of you know by now that was my new year's resolution. I announced I would be donating 10% of every dollar spent in the Color 'n Cream Shop to Microckrediet voor Moeders, an organization that lends microcredit to (single) mothers in Asia to help them provide for their families. I love this cause, because it's a gift that keeps on giving. The loan will be paid back, and the donated money can be used again for someone else. Anywho, I did my first donation yesterday, and MAN did that feel GOOD!!

 This is what I've been doing these last 2 days. What will it be?? I'm about 99% sure you will not get he right answer... It's a surprise and something I've been planning to do for ages.

These are my Edition Paumes books. I'm sure most of you know them. They are the BEST books for inspiration EVER. I love to just go through them over and over and be inspired by all the colorful and original interior ideas. I have only 4 now, but am planning to get them all. Maybe for christmas...

The rain has cleared and it's the sunniest day today. I just walked my dog and enjoyed the sun after all that water pouring out of the air. The plants really loved it though and I didn't have to water them. 

Thanks for the nice responds to my latest pattern! I hope you have a colorful day!

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