Friday, July 4, 2014

Piles Of Lovely Crochet

I've been preparing for the Sunday Market this week, as most of you probably remember and that's why I needed to do some inventory. I always love the way that looks, don't you? All those piles of lovely...

I hope it's going to be a busy day, next sunday. And that it's going to be lovely weather like today. The predictions aren't great, I think, but since they are never right, I figure it'll be ok!

Been a bit quiet here the last 2 weeks. I'm taking it a bit slow at the moment. My little girl is home a lot and some other things ask for my attention. I also decided to take about 4 weeks of vaca-time of the blog while the kids enjoy their holiday. We go on lots of pick-nicks and little adventures, since the summer is so generous with lovely weather this year. Don't you love being outside?

Anyway, just some eye candy today. And an invitation to my Dutch readers: Komen jullie ook zondag??

Have a lovely beachy weekend!

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