Thursday, January 10, 2013

Color Bomb Blanket

Well, I did it! Yesterday I finished my first Color Bomb Blanket. It's a baby blanket and the main color is pink, although there are some more colors... I never had so much fun making a blanket! It's so easy and there are hardly any loose ends to finish of. And the result... A 130 join as you go squares and I think it's stunning!

I chose the edging to be a little more romantic this time. I think it's a pretty contrast with the plain square pattern. And instead of starting the edging with double crochet, I started it with half double crochet and that what I am going to do from now on when making a granny blanket. It's a little bit tighter and works much better if you ask me.

I must admit, I was inspired by others with this pattern. There are soooo many examples of it online, but there are 2 which I loved especially. That's the one from Matt (according to Matt)and Maaike (CreJJtion). They both made beautiful versions. And now I'm totally hooked to this pattern. The color options are endless. I think I'll make another 3 versions and then put them in my Etsy shop...

And the little pup got a hold of my blanket when I wasn't looking and went to sleep on it. Naughty dog!

I also solved the lonely potholder issue. I decided to turn them into wall decoration! Smart, don't you think? Now I don't have to make seconds...

Today I'm thinking of new projects. I'm always a bit lost for a little while after finishing a project. I have so many options and ideas that I paralyze a little bit. But I like these moments, where everything is possible. So I brainstorm, I browse my books, make samples sometimes. But I'll show you soon!

Have a crafty day!

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