Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Won!!!

So, back from a lovely weekend in Brabant, I'm excited to finally tell you I won my first Give Away. And not just any Give Away, I won this one, the Mollie Makes Crochet Book! I was so surprised when I found out I was picked on the lovely blog Rosehip. Beata Basik is known for her pretty crochet trimmed pillow cases and also for this beautiful pattern. I still need to give it a try, but the pictures of this pillow never bore me. The colors are just wonderful! I've loved this blog for ages and was particularly happy with Beata's nice comments on my blog. It's great getting a compliment from someone you admire, right? On thursday night the book arrived, just in time for me to have a little peek before I went on our anniversary weekend.

I really love the book. It's so colorful and happy (just the way I like it) and the pictures and patterns are great! I got started right away on the place mats, designed by Ilaria from IDA Interior Lifestyle, even though I have a thousand projects on the go... Maybe I should finnish something first.
Beata herself also contributed to the book, with some lovely edging patterns.

But then it was time to pack my bags and go of to Brabant, where a lovely forest chalet was waiting for our arrival. Never have I had such a relaxing and peaceful weekend (at least not since the kids). We had this cosy shack for 3 nights! It had a huge bubble bath too!

We went out to diner for 2 nights and did some shopping on saturday (pic's will follow later this week) in Den Bosch, which was great fun. On sunday we stayed in, all day, reading, crocheting, coloring, playing games and mostly just relaxing ourselves silly. This was the best day if you ask me. Wow, how I didn't feel like going home on monday morning...

Took my basket of scraps with me and designed a new flower granny. (Don't know yet when the tutorial will be ready, still need to make a few other tut's). 

And then, coming home... Lovely to see the kids again. How you miss them and feel a bit amputated without them for so long. We went to pick them up from school yesterday (still totally relaxed) and got big hugs and lots of kisses. Now, 24 hours later, I forgot everything about my relaxed state and am up and running again, with a sick little girl to take care of, piles of laundry to do and lots of errands to run.

Well, that's family life, right?! Am already looking forward to our next getaway... What did you guys do this weekend??

Well, have a pink tuesday! (I know, it's probably just grey...)

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