Thursday, October 17, 2013

No TV For Me (Or My Family)

So some of you already know, but my man and I decided to get rid of the TV for a year, just as an experiment. Since the effect is so great I wanted to share our experience with you guys.

In only 11 days we got so much closer together, listening to music or playing games at night. Having real conversations about the stuff we are interested in or experienced that day. We totally reconnected, without ever noticing we were quite disconnected. Just by looking at a screen almost every night.

But that's not all. We both have LOTS of TIME now for the stuff we're interested in. My man is learning to use a new camera (Rolleiflex, some oldie), I'm crocheting with all my attention. We both feel activated and are eager to learn new things. I am planning to finally learn how to use Photoshop and we're both reading more.

And then the kids... They get along better, are better rested, do much more creative things and play outside. (And they only watched for about half an hour to an hour a day). We play more games and have more quality time.

But most of all I feel much more rested and relaxed now. I never even noticed how much influence the TV had on me, and how it made me kind of stressed.

If you're still reading, you  might think I'm a total whiner (which is not my style at all!!), but I still wanted you guys to know. You might wanna give it a try!

Have a relaxing day!
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