Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Little Break

My last post got me thinking... Maybe it's time for a little break. Need to get some stuff organized (in my house as well as my head). It's a holiday week here, and I'm running around, needing to do so much stuff and wanting to do so much other stuff... I need to slow down for a few days. Otherwise I will go away this weekend all stressed out.

Did want to show you some pic's though. This one is wonderful isn't it? It's so cheap and easy that it's funny. Most of all it remembers me of Thailand, where English grammar isn't an issue at all! Keep calm to shopping', and 'Keep calm go to travel', hilarious. In Chaing Mai there was a carwash with the pay off: 'The best hand job in town!' And there is a band called 'Suck Seed', stuff like that. Everywhere over the city you can eat 'hambergers'. O, how I miss Thailand sometimes...

Got me some reading material for the next few days. Flow, my favorite Dutch magazine, nowadays also available here in English. And the English Mollie Makes. It's featuring (not sure if this is correct) a pattern from Revlie from REVolution. It's a very cute Medusa haired crochet doll. She wrote a post about it here. (BTW how do you like my chestnut spiderweb?? Always make these with the kids and my mother used to make them with us when I was young, love them! Then I know autumn has started...)

And well, got me some rainbow candles. I mean, nothing makes me happier than rainbow colors, so...

So, I will be gone for a week and fuel up! Have an autumny week! (It's 22 Celsius here, crazy! CRAZY!!!)
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