Monday, October 14, 2013

Something Old

Came across this piece last week while organizing my stuff. I thought it would be a waste not finishing it, so I dug into my basket of scraps and found the right colors (such luck!!). I had to make 9 more squares, 'cause it was a bit to small to my taste, and it took me an afternoon, but it's finished. Well, the front I mean. I still need to make an actual cover.

As you can tell I like the circle-in-square motif, and I'm thinking of making a few tutorials on different patterns I've made. Would some of you be interested in that?

Actually, I already made the pictures for this pattern, but the they weren't good enough, so I have to make new pic's. It's funny how the choice of colors change though time. I made this just over a year ago, but I would use much different colors now. Even tough, I still like this combination.

How do you like the fabric I chose for the back? I love it. It's so sweet. I've had it for years. It's always nice to finally find a purpose old pieces of fabric.

And one of my first scalloped edgings. It's sweet, but a bit boring too...

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