Friday, October 11, 2013

Pink, Love At First Sight

So, my man was in Denmark for a few days, which left me with no computer (he had to take the laptop). I must say, it was kind of relaxing having no pressure on the matter. Although, I'm kind of addicted to the convenience of having it by hand, too. And I also missed my blog and the possibility of checking out my pic's after shooting them...

On top of all this we decided to get rid of the tv last sunday. We didn't just throw it away, it's in the addic, where we can't use it. We will do an experiment; no tv for a year. It took a little time to get used to, but I must say, it gives me so much peace, knowing that I don't have to watch television. Sounds weird, but I have the whole evening to so stuff now! It gives me so much extra time! I only miss it while finishing of the loose ends of crochet (recognize that??).

Since my man was away, I had some time to finish my picture frame 'collage' in the craft room. I love the sweet pink and am not even bothered by the higgledy piggledy (found this on Google Translate, love the expression, but did I use it right in this sentence??) look of it all. 

By the way, I'm sorry for the inconsistency in the layout, but I'm having a lot of problems with Blogger at the moment. It doesn't work the way it's supposed to (do you have this problem too??). 

Wish you all a lovely weekend, with autumny weather, hot chocolate and some fun craft projects on the go.

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