Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Chit Chat

Pfff, I had a crazy busy week! I'm glad it's over now. I always think it's weird around easter, having monday off and stuff. But than visitors from Thailand, a school field trip for both my girls, a birthday party for about 30 people and selling our junk at a flee market, all in the short week after easter, is even crazier!!

But now, I'm in my craft room, kids are staying over at grandma, my man is at his office and I can breathe again... And I did get some crochet going, even this week!!

I finished the Color Bomb Baby Blanket. Although I do still need to make the edging (and turn it in to a tutorial..). I love this blanket. I think it might be my best yet! I will make the Join-As-You-Go tutorial this week also, so you can make your own!

Also I need to finish this cushion panel. I love the pastel colors, and I think this one will have an edge around it. Need to figure this out...

Also started something new with my scraps. I'm really not to sure about the colors yet, but I will find a way to use them. I will show you shortly!

Have a sunny monday!
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