Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Moving And A Give-Away

So, please excuse me for my absence yesterday... I had a busy weekend and monday. As I told you, the little one was sick. She kept being sick until yesterday afternoon, so I had my hands kinda full... But that didn't keep me from either crochet or coming up with rather tiring projects like moving our bedroom to the attic and my craft room to our 'old' bedroom on the second floor.

I always tend to get these ideas on the most inconvenient moments, like when one of the kids is sick and my man is about to go kite surfing in 2 hours. But since we're both quite impulsive, we did it right away!! And after running the stairs about a zillion times, it was done... Well, the bedroom was done. My craft room was still a raving mess.

That's what I did yesterday. Tidying up and decorating my new room. Ohhhh, how I love to do that. And even though it's far from done (I still need to paint the walls, hang the new roller blinds, getting lots of new accessories,  hanging 'art' on the wall) I feel at home here in my new place and don't understand why I didn't think of this sooner...


O, well, I'm here now and enjoying this new opportunity to do something else than crochet all day for a change. I went to the thrift store right away and bought some beautiful stuff, that needs to be painted before I show you.

These are some of the results of my decorating. I'm having so much fun with all my stuff. What color would you paint the walls?? I'm not sure yet. Plan to go color shopping today...

But, It's april by now and time for a Give-Away. I have a funny one this month. It's a crochet book on amigurumi's (we all know how much I love them...) and hats & scarfs. I got it when living in Thailand, but am not the amigurumi type. It's with instructions and charts. If you want to enter, make sure it is possible for me to contact you!!! If you're not really interested, please don't enter. The winner will be announced on monday the 14th.

Wow, had a lot to share with you today. Hope I made up for yesterday. 

Have a haily day (I am and I love it. And I loved all the rain on the roof all night long too, in my new attic bedroom...)!!

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