Monday, November 4, 2013

First Scraps Project Finished!

Finally! My first scraps project is finished... It took me a while to finish of all the loose ends, or to make time for that anyway (since it's NO fun at all!!), but it's done. How do you like the result?

I think I can call it another Color Bomb, don't you. And all the color parts are made from scraps. Yes, scraps. I like the way the grey makes the little colorful centers pop out.

For the back I used a very pretty pink fabric. With red dots, as you can see. In this picture I hadn't added the silver edge yet.

Here I did. I really like the silver yarn. I found it a few months ago and totally forgot about it. Doesn't it give the cushion some extra character??

So, there are still many scraps left, and I have a few more ideas for projects. Some I even got started on already. But today I really felt like making some colorful flowers...

Not sure yet what I'll use them for. But I'll show you more, soon. (Than I will show you where some of the patterns came from too...)

Have  pretty monday!

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