Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tutorial Simple Edging

So I got some requests for a tutorial on the edging of my Flower Square Blanket. Here it is. It's really very simple. You might not even need the pictures. 

So, before you start, it's important you have an even amount of granny clusters (is this understandable??). I would start just prior to the corner, just to make sure you get to work your stitches in there. 
When I make a granny square project, I always do a round of half double crochet grannies, rather than a round of double crochet grannies.

Start in one of the spaces between a granny cluster. Chain 2, *Double crochet into the next space, ch 3, slip stitch into the dc (see pic, this is a picot stitch), 1 dc in same space, ch 3, sl st into dc, 1 dc (still into the same space), ch 3, sl st into dc, dc (same space), ch 1, single crochet into the next space. Chain 1*, (repeat *...*all around the blanket). 

I hope it's clear, but I drew a little chart on the pattern. It might be easier than reading the explanation. For the corners I like to add some more double crochets and picots. I did 2 extra as you van see in the chart. ( Made a teeny tiny mistake, I drew half double crochets, although you have to make double crochets, sorry...)

I hope this is clear. If you still have a problem, please email me. 

As you can see the Pastel Granny Blanket is finished too. Show you the results soon...

Have a lovely weekend.

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