Monday, November 11, 2013

Something Old

About a year ago I made this blanket, to be seen in this post. It's the softest blanket ever, made from Piima cotton, Pico from Lana Grossa. It's so nice and distensible (is this the right word in this context??).

I used different colors than I usually do, but I really like the results. And it's possible to use for a boy or a girl, to my opinion.

But, a year ago I didn't know what to do for an edging, so there was none. I just did a round of singel crochets and that was that. But last week I found a scrap of the pretty light green yarn and decided to give it another go...

With this as a result. I think it looks much better and you??

I made a little chart of the edging I used. I think it's a nice and easy edging for a granny project. 

I do kind of miss the other colors in this project... You know I'm a sucker for Color Bombs. But I still think it's sweet. And I didn't use the join-as-you-go method (forgot and already had all the squares done...) but sew them together. I do like the result. Maybe I should use it more often...

That's it for today! Wednesday another tutorial on a simple flower and the sources of some of the flowers from this post last week. See you then! 

Have a rainy/sunny monday.

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