Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Flower Extravagance

So as promised I'll give you the sources of the flowers I made last week. Do you have that sometimes, you just feel like crocheting some flowers? I do, although I almost never know what to do with them. I just love to make them and look at them. Just look at this sunny colorful picture above, doesn't it instantly make you happy??

The flower in the left upper corner and the one in the right lower corner are from the Mollie Makes Crochet Book. I especially like the Folk Daisy pattern (lower right). It's very simple and looks so pretty! These patterns are designed by Emma Lamb. All the patterns come with a written description (there are no charts though...).

I have had this book for about 4 years and must admit, don't use it often. But since my crochet skills improved I thought I'd give it another go. 

There are so many patterns in this book. To everyones taste there are different flowers. And not only does it contain crochet patterns, you could also get your knit groove on.

This flower is my favorite. I think it looks sooo pretty. I'm gonna try and make a six petal version too.

This flower is one of my all time favorites. I made a tote with this pattern once (something old perhaps...). It's from the lovely blog Colour In a Simple Life and you'll find very clear instructions to try it yourself. I made a petal shaped hexagon behind it.

But I must say, this pattern is the most fun. Sooooo easy and instantly rewarding. For the people that don't read charts a quick explanation.
Make a magic circle (or chain 4, ss). 12 single crochet in the loop, ss. Change color. *ch 1, 3 double crochet into the next stitch, ss into the next stitch*. Just repeat *to* all around, to make 6 petals.

This one is also easy. I made a chart for you to read. (Sorry, chart illiterates, no written explanation...) The second round (the double crochets) is optional. I actually like them with and without. 

Now there's only one problem left. What to do with this lovely bunch of flowers? I figured I might decorate my christmas gifts with them. Or the tree in my little ones' room... Do you have any ideas for me??

Hope to have inspired you! Happy wednesday!

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  1. HayHay!
    So happy en zo leuk!!!
    Wat een mooie bloemen heb je gehaakt!
    Die komen op mijn to-do lijstje. Ben nu druk aan het oefenen met steken.
    Jouw favoriete bloem is super :-)
    Liefs Danielle

  2. Jenn, they are lovely and yes, you certainly have inspired me! I especially love your bright pink waterlily! You could use a clutch of these to adorn a wreath or string them up to make flowery bunting perhaps? Looking forward to seeing what you decide! such fabulous colour for a cold November day - thank you! Elizabeth x

  3. haces cosas hermosas!!!
    felicitaciones, Dios te bendiga.
    me encanta tu blog, me inspira. te sigo y te leo siempre,aunque no entiendo casi nada jajaja

  4. mi idea para usar estas flores es colocarlas en un almohadon!
    que te parece?

  5. Thanx everyone! I'm still not sure what to use them for. I might put them on a fabric cushion cover, and I did think of using it for a garland of some sort... Well, you'll see... Someday...

  6. Beautiful flowers! I love using up left over bits of yarn to make can never have too many :)

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. They are lovely, Jenn! And, you're so right when you say that crocheting flowers makes you instantly happy!... When I start with scrap yarn, I could go on forever because I always want to try different colours or change the pattern a bit... So happy that you're making good use of the book!!

    Have a great weekend,
    Beata xox

  9. Your blog is very good! I am Ukrain. I speak english not good. Where do you live? What are your mother tongue? I love to crochet too!

  10. I'm Dutch. And I can understand your English very well. Thanks for your nice comment!


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