Friday, March 15, 2013

Less is...

Less is Bore. My motto for many years now. I love it! As you all know, I love Color Bombs. There's no such thing as too much color in my book. I tried something new with this pillow and I like it. do you??

It's kind of an odd size, so I had to make the pillow myself, but I think it will look great on our new couch (only 2 weeks now...).

I love the vintage fabric I used for the back. It's been laying around for years, happy to be finally using it!

I have a BIG pile of unfinished projects. My hands can't keep up with my imagination and I just keep adding more. So right now, I believe I have about ten projects on the go. Do you guys recognize this?? I want to finish some over the next few weeks... Next week I'll be spending some time alone (well, with our puppy) in the forest, thinking things over. And to relax (and CROCHET, CROCHET, CROCHET, probably).

I'm leaving the blog for a month or so, to let in some spring air and start fresh. I have to reorganize and sweep up the old stuff. Hope to see you once I'm back!

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