Friday, October 31, 2014

Hello Again

Hello, my dear readers. I'm back! As you might have noticed, I've been absent these last few weeks. Not because of a holiday (sadly) but because I had a nervous breakdown 3 weeks ago and was lying in bed all this time, trying to relax as much as possible...

I have ME and although I have been doing really well the last year, I wasn't careful enough about my diet and so I kind of relapsed. Luckily, I have a very helpful and caring man, who is very capable of taking over everything when this happens and our parents (in law) are always happy to take care of the kids. Everybody was very willing to pitch in and that made me realize how lucky we are.

So, I'm taking it SLOW, at least as slow as I allow myself to go. I need to take better care of myself and that will have consequences for Color 'n Cream. I will be making less tutorials for now and probably post a little less frequent than I used to.

This is our dog, Billy, by the way. Ain't she sweet when she's relaxing??!! A lot of us could learn from her. I guess I'm not the only one always running and stressing about unimportant stuff... Or am I??

The pictures show you our living room. I've been thrifting a lot lately, sometimes with my new friend Miranda (MierPapier). I actually went to visit her yesterday and it gave me soo much energy. It's so nice to find someone you can relate to so easily. And I got a preview of some of her new designs... They are wonderful!

Anywho, next week I'm going to the KreaDoe Beurs with my mom. Looking forward to that. It's kind of our annual field trip.

The stars in the picture are a new project. It's a real nice christmas project. And I'm actually learning the technique of stiffening my crochet! Always nice to learn some new techniques.

And this is something I'm working on now. It's going to be a garland. Don't you just love all the colorful flowers? They tend to get me through the day and keep me busy while I'm relaxing...

Have a lovely weekend!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Color Love

Because of the new Color Bombs I'm working on, I had a lot of fun experimenting with colors. I made some new combinations while working on the hexagon project and this combination feels suitable for the weather and season at the moment...

It's cold and windy in Holland at the moment, and I'm loving it! Time to stay inside, put on a warm sweater and soft slippers, make some tea and just start crafting!

Especially since my craft room is starting to look more and more exactly the way I like it! I will be making some pic's soon. I've decided to start sharing some more interior pictures of my house. I'm getting better and better at finding my own style and my house is starting to feel like the kind of home I've always wanted.

I wish you all a cozy windy day!

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Book of Inspiration

As some of you know, I have a book of inspiration. It's starting to become quite full...

Interior styling is a big passion of mine and I love to go through my old magazines and cut everything lovely out and put it in my book of love...

And then, every time I get stuck or feel unhappy I just get my book and go through it from the first to the last page. As you can see, the colors would make anybody happy. And I get filled with inspiration to make new things.

I encourage you all to make your own book of Inspiration, for it's a real happy maker and it's a nice way of taking some time to yourself. Have fun!!

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Crochet Flowers

I'm so glad I opened up to you guys last week, about my doubts and feelings concerning my blog and business. It really helped me clear my mind and getting things back in perspective. The thing is, I really LOVE Color 'n Cream and I love that I'm able to do what I'm good at. I'm totally full of energy again and this morning I made a list of what I'm to do (and although it's a LOT, I'm looking forward to it too!!).

I've been having some fun these last few days. Like making these flowers from the little Mollie Makes Summer Homestyle book. I wanted to do this for ages, but I didn't know where I'd put it... I did some tidying up and found it again. This is a real fun project!! And it really brightens up the place!

Do you see the little grey ball, with the little legs and feet? That's my first paper maché project. Miranda from Mier Papier taught me last tuesday how to make this. It's so much fun. We totally had fun too. We met in Sweden, where we were both selling at the same market and instantly hit it off. When I visited her, I came in and we just talked and talked and talked for 7!!! hours and we have a lot of the same interests and taste. Her house is the prettiest I've ever seen, but naturally, I forgot my camera... Next time I will make photo's to share with you guys!

The orange shoe in the pictures tells a sad SAD story... There used to be 2 of them, my favorite pair... But yesterday my lovely BAD, BAD dog tore 1 of them to pieces!! I'm so sad because I bought them in Thailand and they were kind of dear to me. Can any body tell me what this model of shoes is called, so I could find new ones online?

The shoe is now an accessory and I think it looks great. I can still enjoy it! Don't you think it looks lovely on it's own too??

Well, I just want to encourage you all to make some flowers in the weekend, to make sure you still have some summer in your home now the fall starts... Have a lovely cozy weekend!

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