Monday, October 29, 2012

Finally... It's done!

It took me quite some time, this baby blanket. Luckily the receiving baby isn't born until december. I had some difficulty getting the right amount of yarn, because the shop where I got it from only opened on tuesdays, fridays and saturdays. I always just buy some yarn and then decide what to do with it, because I like to experiment what it might be right for. This time I decided to use a thicker cotton and to work in circles. I used all the rainbow colors, but since they're not so bright it didn't get too much. (I don't know if that is possible though, too much.  I love rainbow colors...)

Well, here it is!

I made this blanket square, because then I could use all the colors in even numbers. For the lining I used a very soft cotton, you know, the kind that they make sweatpants from. 

I'm so utterly happy it's finally finished! The last part was quite a drag. Finishing of all the little pieces of yarn, and lining it with such a tricky fabric (I like normal cotton best, for it is so easy to handle...).

Oh, and I found the reason why it was impossible to respond. It must be solved now, so please let me know what you think!

Have a lovely inspiring day!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yet another 'oldie'

The blanket isn't finished yet, although I did do lots of other stuff that was waiting for my attention.

- painted a shelve that has been lying around for about 3 months yellow
- made a pillow for the pillowcase I will show you
- made a 'mattress pillow' for me to sit on in my own craft room
- did a lot of holiday laundry
- send a postcard to a recovering friend
- subscribed our eldest to a drawing class
- took a nice long bath
- decorated the walls in my craft room
and so on.

It seems like everyday is 24 hours too short. It never stops. I never feel like I'm done. Especially crafty wise. So many ideas, but so little real time to work them out. That's why I will show you an 'oldie'.

This actually is my first crochet pillow. I made it when we were still living in Thailand. I was in my rainbow period... Still like it a lot. For the back I used my loves' old jeans. I like the way that worked out.

I had it lying around with no pillow to put inside it, so I finally made one this afternoon. 

This is the mattress pillow I told you about. Luckily my sister was throwing 2 matrresses away, so I could use them. I used fabric of an old bed sheet. I like the design and colors sooo much! And now I can crochet in style.

I can never get enough of pictures like this. Such color heaven...

There's going to be a yellow top shelve on this one after tomorrow. I painted it today. Don't you just love IKEA??

Anywho that's it for today. I wish everyone a wonderful and inspiring day.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hush Little Baby

About 2 months ago I made 2 baby blankets just for fun. I had some cotton I brought home from Thailand that was perfect for this purpose. It's nice and soft and the colors are very bright. I used a simple granny square motif and discovered it still might be my favorite. It's just so easy and the color patterns always work out well. Judge for yourself:

The thing I like about this one is that you can use it for either a boy or a girl, even though it's got pink in it. I like this one best. 

Don't you just love the wallpaper as well??? I still do.

For this one I kept it very plain. Just a single crochet edging because I wanted it to be usable for a boy too. I used the join-while-you-go method for the squares.

This one I like as well, but it's a real girly blanket. I had to figure it out precisely because I had only little cotton left. I also used the single crochet edging, but with a nice picot stitch around it.

They even look good together! It's too bad I can't get this yarn here. I really loved it and it was quite cheap as well, even though it's 100% cotton. Thailand is a wonderful country for craft lovers. There is so much to find there. I took many meters of fabric, lots of buttons and beads, but only some yarn... That was a very dumb decision!

Next time I hope to show you another finished blanket...

Monday, October 8, 2012

Another Oh Yeah! Moment

So, it took me some time to order the yarn and finish it, but here it is! Finally. I have been wanting to make this design by Sarah London for over a year and must admit I'm quite happy with the result of my effort. Doesn't it look lovely??

For the back of the pillow I used the same fabric as my last pillow. I think it matches well, don't you?

And just as I expected, they look great together! 

So now I'm ready for next project. Probably some scarves and hats for my girls, judging the weather here...

Monday, October 1, 2012


So I've finished the pillowcase I showed you last time. I'm excited about how it turned out. You always have to wait and see, right!?

The torso in the back is my own doing as well. It's a collage I made 2 years ago. 

This is the back of the pillow. It was one of my first zippers, and I'm quite happy how it turned out. I'm going to practice more when I make more pillowcases. I like it for a project, because it will be ready in a day or 3/4. I'm going to make this one with different colors as well.

Did you also see the lamp in the second picture? I bought it at a flee market for only 1,50 (euro's). It functions wonderfully well and orange is my favorite color. I was totally excited when I saw it, just lying there on the floor. I will show you some more pictures...

Son't you love it?? The diva behind it we bought when we lived in Thailand, last year. We just couldn't part from it and brought it home. 

Anywho, I still have about 100 projects coming and this is one of them. Friends of mine are having their first baby soon and since I love to make baby blankets this one will be from me to them. Tried a thicker cotton yarn this time. What do you think?

I've almost finished the edging and want to line it with some sort of soft cotton, still have to figure out what... I'll show you soon! 

Feel welcome to let me know what you think.

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