Thursday, January 30, 2014


I've been so busy starting up my Etsy shop and design my new header, that I had only little time to get some crochet going. I made some small projects for the shop, but they were mostly patterns I already knew and it gets boring to make 6 of the same... Time to start something new!

I made these pot cozies last week, while lying in bed with the flue. I love how they brighten up my boring pots! They feel like spring...

Got a new flower square pattern going. I got the inspiration of the white flowers from Dada's Place. I really love her version of my flower square III pattern. I even tried it myself with a new yarn and very different colors than which I usually use, as you can see on the pic beneath. 

Anywho, busy, busy, as always. The shop is doing well. It got lots of attention and I wanted to thank you all for your sweet and encouraging comments! Sandra from Refelctions and Nature asked me if I was planning on selling some patterns too. I have been thinking about that for months. I decided to do it. (Don't worry, there still will be free patterns as well!). The flower coasters will be in my shop, hopefully next week. I still have to figure out how that works... Does any of you know of good chart drawing software??

Have a challenging thursday!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Etsy Opening

Today is THE day... My shop is finally opening!!! I crocheted my butt of and these are the results. I'm starting of with coasters and potholders. Colorful as always and quality crochet. Go check it out here!

I'm so happy I finally did it! It took me lots and lots of time and consideration. But I love crochet so much and I have so much stuff I really need to sell some... 

By the way, how do you like my new header and template (is this the correct word??). My man helped me designing it last night. It was much fun, but we both were very happy it was done. 

So, now we just go forward again. I'm glad my shop is finally online. 

Wish you all a productive tuesday!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

And The Winner Is...

Had a lovely week in the Dutch woods with my little one, my mom and (in the weekend) also my man and the big one (to be clear, she 's really not a big girl at all, she's just our big girl, she's 7 you know...). It's so nice sometimes to have nothing to do but relax, play, crochet, talk, cuddle and so on and so on. Hmmm. Had no internet for a week. And after a few days, I wondered if I should get rid of that too, along with the TV... But no, I can't! I can't just leave all of you... I just love it too much!

One of my cushions got a lot of attention over the last few weeks. This one, to be exact. I made it over a year ago, as a birthday present for a dear friend. I was totally surprised people love it so much. From the look of it you might understand, this is not my favorite... Only one splash of pink... That's not enough for me. But many people would like the pattern/tutorial so this will be my next. It might take another two weeks or so, but it'll be here, I promise!

Now, for the Give-Away... Thank you for all the nice comments. But there can only be one winner. AND THE WINNER IS... Principeta!!! What a lovely name too! I hope you'll enjoy it! And for everyone that didn't win; Don't worry, there'll be another Give-Away next month.

The last few weeks I've been working my butt of to fill my Etsy shop before the end of this month. These are a few unfinished potholders I made during my trip. I designed a new flower square and I really love the flower potholder (tutorial here) for I used a new color; musterd. It always makes me happy to discover new color combinations. Or to make a flower potholder, for that matter. It's not quite finished yet, but I think I'll make some new coasters in these colors too.

Well, that's it for now. I wish you all an unpredictable tuesday!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Doily Love

I've never finished one before. I did start one or two some time ago, but then I didn't experience crocheting doilies as fun. Now I do!! And how!

It's very nice to see something growing by just going along. I also love that there are only a few loose ends to finish of, don't you? Although I must admit, doilies do take lots of time. Especially the yellow was quite time consuming. I really love the result though! Don't you?

And although vintage doilies often feel a little bit dusty to me, I love that when you use a bright modern color, all the dust disappears and everything white is instantly pretty. I have 2 white tables and, in stead of boring, they look so sunny now.

I used this pattern for the yellow ( I did make it a little smaller) and used this doily as an example for the pink one. The multicolored one I designed myself and is this months GIVE-AWAY!

If you'd like to win the give-away, just leave a comment below and make sure it's possible for me to contact you. I will announce the winner tuesday the 21st.

Before I leave you, I couldn't resist to show you a pic of what's going to be in my shop... Coasters!!! Among some other things. This pic makes me very HAPPY!

I'm taking my little one on a trip this week, so when I don't respond to your comment, you know why. Hope you all have a very colorful monday!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Flower Square Tutorial IV


So I already told you about the cushion I made with all my colorful scraps (well, not all. I have lots of them left). It took me quite some time to finish it, but here it is. The tutorial for my fourth flower square.

I used different brands of mercerized cotton, and hook 3,5.

Slip stitch: ss
Half double crochet: hdc
Double crochet: dc
3 dc cluster: yarn over, hook in stitch, pull through, yarn over, into next stitch, pull trough, yarn over, into the next stitch, pull trough, yarn over, pull through all loops.

Start by chaining 3, join with slip stitch.

Round 1: ch 3, (I always only chain 2, but this is your first dc), 11 dc into the circle, join with ss.

Round 2: Change color, start in the space between 2 dc's, ch 3 (or 2 if you like), 1 dc in same stitch, *2 dc in next space*, repeat * to * all around, join with ss.

Round 3: Start in any dc of the previous round. Ch 3, make a cluster dc over the next 2 stitches (so you make a 3 dc cluster), *ch 2, start in the same stitch as your last dc and make a cluster 3 dc (look at the lower left picture of the above)*, repeat * to*  all around (the last cluster will end where the first one started), join with ss.

Round 4: Ch 3 in any space in between clusters, ch 2, 2 half double crochet, *3 hdc into next space, 3 dc, ch2, 3 dc into the next space (making the first corner of your square), 3 hdc into next space, repeat * to * until you've formed a square. Join with sl. st.

Round 5: If you want to make your square bigger, like I did,  just use the regular granny square pattern, so 3 dc into each space and a 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc into the corners.

That's all there is to it! I think it's a nice and simple design, just slightly different. I hope you all enjoy this pattern! I know I have... And probably will.

Have an easy tuesday! 

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Thursday, January 2, 2014


First of all I wish you all a very happy and colorful New Year!! I hope you had fun during the holidays and maybe was spoiled a little?? I was.

As you already know I made a lot of coasters for presents. I think everybody was happy with them. It's always kind of scary to give someone something homemade, but they were well received. Funny enough, both my sisters had homemade presents too. They were the edible kind... Yummy! The picture above shows another set of coasters I made and although these aren't my usual colors, I still like them very much. If you like my coasters, they will be for sale at the end of the month in my Etsy shop in various color schemes.

Even though you haven't heard from me for three weeks, I didn't sit still. I finished my Scraps Color Bomb Project and, again, gave it away. My friend Mirjam told me, when I was working on it at one of our crochet nights, that it made her instantly happy. So I couldn't think of a better recipient than her. She looked at it, totally in love, all new years eve... Do you like the fabric I chose for the back??

But, I also wanted to tell you about my resolutions. Or at least one of them. I normally don't really care about resolutions, 'cause they mostly don't really mean anything, but in december I started cleaning out my house and I was startled by my own greed. I have so much stuff I don't use, some of it still brand new in it's packing! I decided this year is going to be about GIVING. So that's my resolution. I already started by giving presents at christmas, which I normally don't. But it's also going to reflect in my actions. I want to look around me and see what I have to offer to those in need. And of course, it's also going to show here... There's going to be a give away each month.

Now this cushion is finished, I can make you guys the tutorial! That's also gonna be published this month. My gift to you.

Having a little time apart from my blog inspired me to do something else too. I'm making a mobile of paper circles and I love it! It's always nice to diversify a little...

Have a cozy thursday! See you next week!

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