Monday, September 30, 2013

Something New

After having (temporarily) enough of scrap crochet and working with a 3,5 hook, I decided to finish 2 projects I started some time ago. I love working with this soft and slightly thicker cotton. This is going to be a classic, happy granny square baby blanket. These colors make me happy... 

This is going to be a Pastel Color Bomb baby blanket. Oh, how I LOVE these colors. Actually, these colors impersonate what LOVE would look like, don't you think??

And for inspiration: The Mollie Home edition. Such pretty pictures and spaces. Love all the colors. Matches perfectly with my new blanket...

Wish you all a happy day!

Friday, September 27, 2013


Well, you know by now that I'm trying to use the big pile of scraps I've collected in the last few years. I'm very enthusiastic about the results!! Such pretty colors!! And so many...

The grey really makes the colors pop out, don't you think?? I thought of making a cozy for a pot to put plants in (what's that called in English? I can't find the translation...), but I was having so much fun making it and love the look of it so much, I've decided to make a baby blanket or a pillowcase out of it.

And the BIG pile of scraps is shrinking and shrinking... Do you see the pretty notebook? That's my new blog notebook. I'm trying to get some insight in what I'm doing. This should help, RIGHT??!!

Not sure what I'll use these for yet, but I'll figure it out. For now I'm just enjoying the look of them.

Have a festive weekend!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cream de la Cream

I wanted to do a returning post theme on my blog for quite a while and I finally decided; Cream de la Cream is gonna be about where I get my inspiration. This first week I want to show you the work of a great artist from Holland: Revlie!

She makes mixed media art and also has very extensive tutorials on the how-to. On her blog, REVolution she shows her crochet, her scrap activities and lots of other stuff. She has an Etsy shop too. I bought some of her postcards at Echtstudio yesterday and fell in love with it! Look at the colors and the great compositions of her work.

Watching the tutorials you can just feel how much fun she has making them. A real Feel-Good-Blog. The postcards will get a special place on my wall. Not gonna give them away, obviously... Thanx Revlie, for the inspiration and the instant happy-feed!!

Hope you all have an adventurous day!

PS. What do you think of my new header??

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lovely Day

This morning my little girl woke up all healthy and happy again. I must say, it was quite a relief after staying home caring for my girls (but also not being able to leave the house for more then 15 minutes) since thursday. I decided to keep her home for 1 more day, before she has to go to school again and we did some shopping and stuff.

I've been wanting to go to my favorite yarn shop, Echtstudio, for a week now, and finally got to it. It's always difficult to not get greedy once I'm there. Got me some glitter yarn too, to try something new.
I also have a weakness for tin cans. Its weird, I just can't resist them. And everybody knows how I love pink...

Wanted to show you a few parts of my craft room (still under construction). It seems to be coming along, but there's still a lot to be done. I need to paint the table. Make lots of pillowcases and so on. But can't find the time, since I'm always crocheting... Need to MAKE time. Will do.

But the biggest thing today is my new hair do. I normally don't show you guys pictures of myself, but I didn't want to keep this from you. Never mind the weird angle (or the big nose, for that matter...), I had to make the picture myself.

It still feels kinda weird, but I like it anyway. It always feels like a new beginning, when changing my hair. I am curious what's gonna happen now...

Have a funny day!

PS. Totally forgot about my blogs birthday yesterday. Well.... Hip Hip Hurray for my blogs' first of many to come!!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Square Potholder, The Sequel

I did it! Even though my youngest is sick, i've managed to finish my second pair of Square Potholders. I just put on Beauty and the Beast and did my thing, loudly singing along with the songs... 

It feels good to finally use my scraps.  I consider making pillow cases with them as well.

Well, that's it for now... Got to start cooking.

Have a lovely evening.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quick Update

Just to show you how they look in pairs. I did a lot of crochet yesterday (during a David Bowie documentary) and finished the second potholder. I think it looks very pretty in the picture...

It's 2 layers of solid crochet, and my scraps pile is slowly shrinking... The colors really seem to be popping out.

Hope to have the other one done tomorrow, but since my youngest is sick now, I can't be sure.

I wish you a slow sunday!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Idea

I've been planning on opening my own Etsy shop for ages, as some of you might know. I finally started  figure out what I want to sell. I love potholders, 'cause they make a great gift, don't take to much time to make and they really brighten up a place (usually the kitchen...).

Well, tadaaaahhh. This is my first new design. Actually, I'd already started with some different colors, but I finished these first. Nice and square. Front and back have the same design. And they are very functional. One could even place a pan on top of it on the dinner table.

I've also been going through the stuff I took with me from Thailand. I bought lots of rainbow buttons to sell, but didn't come to it yet. Last week 2 friends of mine wanted to buy some and I noticed how happy rainbow buttons can make a person. Aren't they cheerful?!

Last but not least, my oldest daughter (who was very sick the last couple of days, hence my absence) came to me with a stuffed animal I made years ago. She was about 2 or 3 and slept with it for many, many nights. Piña , she called it, which means pineapple in Spanish. I forgot all about it and was happily surprised by how much I still like it. Nice and soft too. Maybe something for the shop..??

So that's what's on my mind at the moment. There still is a lot to be done before I'm ready (So don't hold your breath yet). Need to make a lot of stuff, am also restyling my blog and want to start a Color 'n Cream facebook page. Busy, busy... As always I suppose.

Hope you have a cozy weekend!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vintage Pillow

So it's finished. I love the way it turned out. And the cotton is very soft too. I have no pictures of the back yet, since the light just wasn't right. Show you sometime later. (I tried, but when I saw them on my screen it didn't work...)

I'm not totally sure where to put it yet. The colors are quite different from what I'm used to. What to do, what to do??

This is my very dear Piny Pon collection. I can never resist buying them because they're so pretty and colorful and happy. I finally found the right type case (is that the right word??) and painted it Vintage Blue... Don't they just lift up your spirit?

And for what I doing now... I've been wanting to use my scraps for ages. They just lay there in a nice basket, doing nothing, so I finally came with a plan. The scraps will be perfect for my square potholder idea. What do you think??

I love tuesday, 'cause it's MY day. No kids until dinner (which I don't have to cook, but my love does... Talk about luxury) and the whole house to myself. I've been sitting in my craft room all day. No cleaning, nog folding laundry, no fuzz at all. 

So I will proceed doing that. Hope you have a lovely dat as well!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Quicky

I really felt like a quick and satisfying weekend project. And I happen to love my Vintage Potholder Pattern very much. The color combination possibilities, the going in rounds, the repetition (I prefer to make 2 at a time).

Now just look at it... In my own kitchen in the sun. Oh how I love my shelves with all kinds of retro orange goodies...

I'm still thinking about opening my own Etsy shop. I'm certain I would want to sell these. Am designing some square potholder patterns as well. Not ready yet.

And then I still need to finish my pillowcase from last week... Gonna start now, I guess.

Happy monday!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Whole Lot Of Pretty

Don't you just love dahlia's?? I DO!!! Even though a few of mine were murdered by some storm this week (and I was shattered, cause it took them 5 months to grow...) I enjoy these flowers every day in front of my window. That didn't stop me from buying some yesterday in these lovely colors. They certainly light up the place, since it's so dark and rainy outside.

It was hard for me to choose just 1 picture, so I chose 3... Lovely colors. Don't you just love yellow and pink together? 

We had an interesting week, since our youngest started school on wednesday. She was excited and even though I didn't see it coming at all, I was a bit sad to see her go and miss her during the day. It's weird, 'cause I must honestly say, I kinda was looking forward to having more time to myself and be able to do my stuff (like cleaning the house, walking the dog, crafting, crafting, crochet, groceries...) solo. And then you surprise yourself by being much more clingy than you like to be. My babies are getting so BIG. 

Anywho, that was some of my week. Did get a lot of crochet done. The pillowcase is coming along nicely.

Hope you have a cozy weekend!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Something New

So I directly started designing new patterns to use the same lovely colors as in my Vintage Flower Blanket. This is one of the ideas I came up with. I aded the mustard and removed the light green. I like it. It's going to make a nice pillow for my new craft room.

The craft room will be finished soon, hopefully. I first have to make some pillows to make it complete. O and hang some pictures on the wall.  

Well, Tell me what you think (since it's possible again...)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Someone told meit wasn't possible to respond to my posts. I made a mistake and hope to have fixed it now... Really like your response. Anywo, see you soon!

Thank you Hazel from Hazel's Crochet!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Flower Square Tutorial III

As you might have read already I had tons of fun making this Vintage Flower Blanket. I thought some of you would like to have a tutorial. Her it goes.

For starters make a magic circle (or chain 5) and in that circle 12 single crochets.
Round 1: Chain 3 in any sc. Into the same stitch 3 triple crochets, *than pull up the loop, remove hook, put hook in the third ch (from your first ch 3) and pull loop through. Now you have the first poofy flower pettal. chain 2, then work 4 triple crochets into the next stitch. Repeat from * until you have 12 petals. Join with a slip stitch. (See picture beneath where to put your hook)

Round 2: Change color, put hook in one of the spaces between 2 petals. Ch 2, 2 half double crochets into the same space, *3 double crochets in the next space, ch 2, 3 dc in same space. 3 hdc into next 2 spaces, repeat from * until your square is finished. Join with ss. Then ss into the next stitch, ss into the next space (see Pictures beneath), ch 2, 2 dc into the same space. Now finish your granny square int the usual way.

Well, that's it for now. I hope it's clear. For questions just email me or leave a comment below. 

You can find the tutorial for the edge here.

Have fun!!

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Vintage Flower Blanket

There it is, the new Flower Square Blanket with a vintage feel to it. Yummie!!

I had s much fun making this blanket! And the edging too. I saw it once, somewhere (probably pinterest) and wanted to try it. I just never had the right blanket for this edging. Now I have! I'm absolutely in love with the vintage pastel colors. 

In my new craft room I have this nice basket filled with my latest color addiction. Doesn't it look warm and sunny?? I will show some pictures of my room when the weather is a little bit sunnier and when I've painted the table... Might take some time.

And finally I just HAD to show you this beautiful Dahlia, I picked from my own front yard. It's filled with dahlia's but this one is particularly pretty, don't you think? And it's huge!!

Next post will be the tutorial for this square. Hope to see you soon!

Have a lovely (rainy) day.

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