Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Chit Chat

I had a lovely sunny and relaxing weekend. Did you? On saturday we could sleep in, since the kids were at grandma. So we did... And we went to Leiden together. I love that city and it's very close to where we live. It's nice to have no kids whining when doing some shopping. This is where I fell in love with my new Sonny Angel... Isn't he sweet?? The first of my new collection I'm sure.

I already collect Piny Pons, miniature Blythe Dolls (since they are affordable) and Littlest Pet Shop animals. Sonny Angels are my new fetish and they make me instantly happy. Isn't it funny they have a little weewee. Especially since they all have such girlish faces. It took me about half an hour to choose one from the collection in the store. I chose the yellow lemon.

And look at these beautiful postcards I found at one of my favorite shops: Dille en Kamille. They are designed by Darling Clementine and this series is called The Claudettes. I love LOVE love the colors and the illustrations too. And to be clear, these postcards won't be send... They will be admired by me and probably occasionally by you. 

My sister ordered some (25) coasters for her food company (De Groene Tafel) in these lovely bright colors. I had to insist on the yellow and on the pink too, since I wouldn't work without these two... She actually wanted the yellow out and the pink to be red... I'm allergic to red, so it became a reddish pink. How do you like it??

Well, that's it for inspiration today. I hope you have a happy and outish day!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Fun

Been having some fun with my new Flower Coaster Pattern. Think it's very pretty and flowery... 

They are all available in my Etsy shop. They are all limited editions. 

I also promised you the results of my new flower square project. This is it! It's very soft in color (for my standards anyway). It will also be available in my shop.

I like the back too. This is lovely fabric, isn't it? Oh, and there will be a tutorial on the Flower Square sometime too.

Well, that's it for now. It's almost weekend, but I'm laying in bed, a bit under the weather... 

Have a flowery day!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Flower Square Tutorial VI

A lot of you asked me for the tutorial on the Daisy Travel Blanket Square (Flower Square VI), so here it is! Have fun with it!!

I always use US terms. 
Slip Stitch (ss)
Chain (ch)
Double Crochet (dc)
Hal Double Crochet (hdc)
Triple Crochet (trc)
Triple Crochet Cluster (trcc): Yarn around hook twice, into a dc from previous round, pull trough, yarn over, pull trough 2 loops, yarn over, pull trough 2 loops, there will be 2 loops on hook, yarn over twice, hook in same stich, pull through, yarn over, pull trough 2 loops, yarn over pull through 2 loops, there are 3 loops on the hook now. Yarn over twice, in same stitch, pull through, yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over, pull trough 2 loops. There are now 4 loops on your hook, yarn over and pull through all loops. 

I've used a 3,5 hook and 100 % mercerized cotton.

Start with a magic circle or chain 3 and join with a ss. 

Round 1: Ch2, 11 dc into the cicle. Join with a ss. There are 12 stitches now (always double check!!). On the right bottom pic (where the needle is) I show you that I also use the ss in the next round. I always just go through that loop, then you won't see any difference with the other stitches.

Round 2: Change color. Ch 3, 2 trcc into the same stitch, *ch 2, 3 trcc into the next stitch*, repeat * to * 10 times. Ch 2, join with ss. You will have a total of 12 petals. (As you can see on the bottom left pic, when you use the ss from the previous round, you can pull the end of your yellow thread to make it nice and tight again).

Round 3: Change color. Ch 2, 2 hdc in the space between 2 petals, 3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc into the next space. This is you corner. *3 hdc into the next 2 spaces, 3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc into the next space.* Repeat *to* 2 times. 3 hdc into the next space, ch1 and join with ss.

If you want to make the square bigger, like I did, ss into the next stitch, ss in the space between the 3 hdc and 3 dc from the previous round. 

Round 4: Ch 2, 2 dc into the space, 3 dc into every next space. In the corners; 3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc into the same space. Join with a ss. That's your square.

I also made some pictures on how to finish of your loose ends. This might be helpful. I always put the needle where I want it to go, before I put the thread into the needle.

Well, I hope you all enjoy this!!

Have a loving day!

Anja Simonsen has made a Danish translation of this tutorial. If you wish to use it, just email me and I'll send it to you. Thanks Anja!!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

And The Winner Is...

First of all, thanks for all the big compliments on the Flower Coaster Pattern. It's very uplifting to read all those nice comments and to see my pattern being so well received. Makes it all worth it! Because I had so many comments on this give-away and because I was one give-away short in february, I decided to give away two Flower Coaster Patterns today. The funny thing is, both my girls picked a name from a bowl and both of them picked a Kelly. So it's KELLY and KELLY PATRICK. Congratulations!! I will email you guys the PDF Pattern and hope you enjoy it.

For the ones that entered but didn't win; you can buy the Flower Coaster Pattern here. And remember, this is my first PDF tutorial, so if you have suggestions or complaints, please let me know.

I've been busy working on some new coasters. This pattern will probably be available in april. How do you like it? It's nice and firm and I love all the flower petals.

Got real far on the squares from this weekend. Actually the crochet is done, just need to sew some fabric on to make it a cushion cover. I really like the results. I'll show you soon (probably wednesday).

I had a lovely weekend, and it didn't rain as much as 'they' predicted. It was quite sunny actually. And I had a great time with my girls and without my man for a change. I had fun, but am glad it was only for the weekend. It does always feel a bit incomplete...

Well, I'll keep you posted on the progress. Have a passionate day!

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekend Fun

So, this is the project I'll be filling my time with this weekend. My man is out and I will be having lots of alone time to maybe even finish this... Do you like the square? And what will you be doing this weekend?Any fun projects?

Have a happy weekend!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rainbow Heaven

First of all, I wanted to thank you all for the appreciation I got for the Flower Coaster Pattern and the Give-Away of that pattern. It was very overwhelming. It's great that everybody is so enthusiastic about it and I wanted to thank you all for the nice comments, emails and all the purchases. You guys make this all so much FUN!!!

As you can see, I've been busy. Every once in a while, as many of you know, I make a pair of these Flower Potholders (you can find the tutorial here). I can't tell you how happy I got when making these... The rainbow has an effect on me. Of course the potholders are for sale in my shop. And they will be one of a kind, too.

And I've also been experimenting a little. Making new coasters, squares and just trying light color combinations. Oh, how I love to be so lucky!

Have a positive day! 

BTW. Lots of you ask me questions about the yarn I use. You can find the word YARN in my sidebar under the name LABELS. This is the link. Hope it helps.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Finally!! And A Give-Away

So, I know I kept you waiting for quite a while... But it's finally here! The Flower Coaster Tutorial. And remember it's my first, so if there are any suggestions on how to make it better, please email me.

It's been lots of work, but especially because it was my first time to make a tutorial in Adobe Illustrator. I had to figure out lots of stuff, and make lots and lots of pictures. O, yeah, and I made a chart pattern in Crochet Charts. That's great software if you want to start making your own charts. And it can be used on an Apple, so that's important!

Not only is the Flower Coaster Tutorial for sale in my Etsy shop, I will also give one away for free. So if you want to join in this Give-Away, leave a comment below and make sure it is possible for me to contact you. I will announce the winner on monday the 24th of March.

Have a hooky day!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

On A Roll

I'm on a ROLL people! I'm filling up my Etsy shop with all these pretty new (and some old) items and it's making me so happy!! Doesn't it look pretty and sunny??

I'm learning more and more how to edit my photo's and I'm quite proud of the results. It's so great to notice I'm evolving this skill and enjoying it at the same time!

The DIY Patchwork Kit is to be found here. I'm happy to use all my different pieces of fabric. And they go great together don't you think?

Apart from all of this I'm grateful for all the sunny days we've been having. And on top of that it inspired me to start doing yoga again. Now I've started I can't remember why I ever quit before... It's so relaxing!

Some of you might think I forgot all about my resolutions this year... You know, the giving. Well, I didn't. I know I skipped February, but I'll make it up to you. I feel a Give-Away coming up... (Or maybe even 2)

Well enjoy the sun and don't forget to wear sunscreen! (Such a great song to uplift the day...)

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I've been so busy with my Etsy shop, I almost forgot to make a post... I'm working on the Flower Coaster Tutorial and it's quite challenging for me. I hope to have it in my shop by the end of next week.

And this is the result of my Color Bomb Project from last week. I still need to finish of the loose ends, but seem to have misplaced my darning needles!!! I'm going crazy 'cause I can't find them! I must have some more somewhere, so I think I'll be okay.

It's always so much fun to work in many colors and with such a simple pattern. It's no work at all.

And even though this must be the simplest edge someone has ever used, I love it and think it suits the blanket just right. What do you think?

Well, a short one again. Hope you have a sunny day and that it will uplift your spirit!

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