Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Chit Chat

I had a lovely sunny and relaxing weekend. Did you? On saturday we could sleep in, since the kids were at grandma. So we did... And we went to Leiden together. I love that city and it's very close to where we live. It's nice to have no kids whining when doing some shopping. This is where I fell in love with my new Sonny Angel... Isn't he sweet?? The first of my new collection I'm sure.

I already collect Piny Pons, miniature Blythe Dolls (since they are affordable) and Littlest Pet Shop animals. Sonny Angels are my new fetish and they make me instantly happy. Isn't it funny they have a little weewee. Especially since they all have such girlish faces. It took me about half an hour to choose one from the collection in the store. I chose the yellow lemon.

And look at these beautiful postcards I found at one of my favorite shops: Dille en Kamille. They are designed by Darling Clementine and this series is called The Claudettes. I love LOVE love the colors and the illustrations too. And to be clear, these postcards won't be send... They will be admired by me and probably occasionally by you. 

My sister ordered some (25) coasters for her food company (De Groene Tafel) in these lovely bright colors. I had to insist on the yellow and on the pink too, since I wouldn't work without these two... She actually wanted the yellow out and the pink to be red... I'm allergic to red, so it became a reddish pink. How do you like it??

Well, that's it for inspiration today. I hope you have a happy and outish day!

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  1. Hi Jenn!
    I checked out all these cute dolls in the net, and I am not gonna fall in love with them... otherwise noone will stop me from collecting them too! I really liked Piny Pons- they seem so tiny and won't need much space in the house :)
    I like the coasters' colors, may it is not really your colors, but their selection is really nice!

  2. Hi Jenn,
    I love this colors!!
    bye bye

  3. I love the bright orange and deep pink together! So full of energy! That little boy doll is too cute!


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