Friday, March 14, 2014

On A Roll

I'm on a ROLL people! I'm filling up my Etsy shop with all these pretty new (and some old) items and it's making me so happy!! Doesn't it look pretty and sunny??

I'm learning more and more how to edit my photo's and I'm quite proud of the results. It's so great to notice I'm evolving this skill and enjoying it at the same time!

The DIY Patchwork Kit is to be found here. I'm happy to use all my different pieces of fabric. And they go great together don't you think?

Apart from all of this I'm grateful for all the sunny days we've been having. And on top of that it inspired me to start doing yoga again. Now I've started I can't remember why I ever quit before... It's so relaxing!

Some of you might think I forgot all about my resolutions this year... You know, the giving. Well, I didn't. I know I skipped February, but I'll make it up to you. I feel a Give-Away coming up... (Or maybe even 2)

Well enjoy the sun and don't forget to wear sunscreen! (Such a great song to uplift the day...)

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  1. Your photos look amazing!! xoxo

  2. These colours make me very happy too! Your patchwork kit is lovely... I've never done patchwork, but this looks very tempting indeed!!

  3. You have some lovely items in your etsy shop, and at fantastic prices! I wish you every success with it Jenn. Pleased to hear you feel like you're achieving a lot on the photo editing side of things. You are very talented :)

  4. Ik moet gewoon elke keer even op jouw blog kijken omdat ik de kleuren zo leuk vind! Wat een prachtige werkstukken maak je.

  5. I love all your items they are so pretty - I think that you photos are fabulous, I wish that I could l could take such great photos.

  6. Cotton candy & pink lemonade....delightful colors!☺

  7. How beautiful your blog is, so cheerful and filled with lots of creative beauty!

  8. Wow wat een prachtige kleuren!
    Het zonnetje straalt ook van het computerscherm af!

  9. HayHay!
    Prachtige onderzetters! Love it!!!
    Waar koop je jouw haakkatoen?
    Prachtige stofjes!
    Liefs Danielle

  10. Thanx everyone. Your comments always brighten up my day.

  11. Hi Jenn,
    can you tell me where the "happy" yellow amazing ceramic is bought?
    xxo, Martina♥

    1. I bought it at Leen Bakker in Holland a while ago. Don't think you'll be able to find it anywhere... sorry!

    2. No, but thank you so much for sharing on a pic.
      It makes so "happy" and your fab blog as well♥♥♥

  12. Just found your page. I love your items..the colors are so uplifting. Can't wait to make some of the items. I really enjoy making items for people..and surprising them.


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