Monday, March 10, 2014


Spring is most definitely in the air here in Holland! You can see how the light is changing. It's brighter and more hopeful. It smells different too and everybody is coming out of their shell. Love LOVE the spring. My favorite season of all. Spring was the thing I missed most when living in Thailand...

I've started a new granny square Color Bomb Project, as you can see on the picture above. I love the bright colors. Catania has a new color I fell in love with instantly: mint, nr. 0385. It's so fresh!

And even though the lower 2 pictures are almost the same, I couldn't choose, because they both look so sunny. The book in the corner is my Book Of Inspiration. I've been working on it for years and I collect all the pictures from interior magazines and make collages out of them. There's a tutorial on how to make a fabric cover for your own book of inspiration here. And there will be some for sale in my Etsy shop soon.

I love to go through mine every now and again, to get inspired and refresh my mind (or sometimes just when I'm sad or grumpy, to uplift my spirit...).

One more note on the picture; see the plate with the orange print in the center?? That's the china (is that the right word??) I bought for my birthday in January. I love it! It's vintage and it's almost complete. Will show you more pictures soon.

Anyway, that's it for now. Have a lovely springy day!

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  1. Spring is certainly in your colour choice! That new mint colour is wonderful!

  2. Spring is in the air here in the UK also - it is such a positive time of year isn't it? Your pictures are beautiful no wonder you could choose which one to use. Your china is lovely too can't wait to see the reast.


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