Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Long time no see! Weirdly, recovering from CFS leaves me with much littler time to write on my blog lately. I have been cleaning the house thoroughly, bringing the kids to school, picking them up, getting up early to exercise and making delicious diners. Also I have a vegetable garden now,which needs a lot of attention this season and brings me much joy (and already some vegetables to put on a plate!). Hence my long absence.

Must admit though, with this kind of weather I don't always feel like crafting. Being outside makes me happy once the sun shines and it's healthy too. I'm reading a lot of books (in the sun) and like to cook summer dishes. Although I am making plans to make another Color Bomb blanket...

The little one is with my mom at the moment, the big one in school. The sun is shining and I thought it was time for some talk and pictures...


I really love Blythe dolls. I found one at the Queens Day flee market. Isn't she pretty. And some felt hearts to make a garland. Started this a few weeks ago at my craft night, but didn't finish yet... Somewhere over the rainbow...

This is a kawaii collage I'm working on. The surface I'm using is our Ikea coffee table. Will show you the final result once it's done. Don't you love Kawaii?? I do, a LOT!!!

Remember my flowers square pattern? I never made them into cushions, thought they were a little big. So I made them into blankets for the baby doll beds of my girls. Made a matching mattress and pillow from some of my sweet fabrics.. Nice and sunny. The back of the blanket is flannel. I still very much LOVE this pattern and the colors. Pretty!

Some pic's of my house and stuff. I like this word: Imagine. Makes life worth living. As do all these joyful colors. Can't get enough!!

Anywho, I probably will be gone for a while again. The holiday coming closer and closer. It's gonna be a busy time for me. We still need to finish our camper van before we can use it... From september both my girls will go to school, which should give me some room to craft... I have lots of ideas!
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