Friday, February 19, 2021

Lockdown blues (or pinks, oranges and yellows...)

So, it's been a while. I've been feeling this urge these last few months. The urge to reach out, to share what I've been doing. What I've been thinking, feeling. These are crazy times and it's about time to send some color into the world. 

Although I've been mostly drawing and painting last year, I couldn't stop myself from a little crochet here and there. I still love to play with yarn to insert a pop of colorful happiness into my (and my families') life. Over the last few days I've been especially 'hooked'. I'm making a bag for myself with this pretty square I designed.

The annoying thing is, we are still in lockdown, which means I'm not able to go to my favorite 2 yarn shops. I'm not able to get all that I need to finish my bag. I discovered how much I love to go to those shops and feel materials, choose a certain type of rings/yarn/color and take my time doing so. I also really miss going to the thrift shop, since that is a place that inspires me and relaxes me, always surprising me with something colorful I didn't know I needed... 

I know, I know, I'm spoiled. If those are the worst of m worries, I shouldn't moan about it. And it's true: there's not much more to complain about. My (by now 14 and 11 year old) girls are behaving nicely and are still happy. We are all making the best of it and are still getting along, having fun, enjoying life. If anything, I realize this whole Covid situation brought us closer together. I actually missed my youngest when primary schools opened again last week. Am even looking forward to the upcoming vacation next week, even though we have to stay home. I'm blessed. But still...

I need a little color and yarn to lift my spirit, some interaction with fellow creators who are looking forward to new beginnings too. My heart goes out to all the shop owners and I really hope they pull through. I can't wait! Until then I try to keep myself busy by crocheting bags and hot water bottle covers.

What is your Creative Covid Lockdown Project? Let me know and have an inspirational day!

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