Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I'm very excited! I sold my first Cushion Cover, and to no one less then Claire from Heart Handmade UK! I really love her blog on interior styling. It's so inspiring and pastel. She takes the prettiest pictures...

And so I wrapped the Cushion Cover (all my products get wrapped as a present when sold), crocheted a few flowers to go along and sent it on its way. All the way to the UK.

The funny thing is, it got sold before it even hit the shelves of my Etsy Shop. We were in contact because she bought some of my Flower Coasters and she told me how much she loved my new Cushion Cover. I was so very flattered! And that was that. Sold!

It's kinda sad it won't shine in my shop for a while though. I love to see all my products in a row. It always cheers me up. All those pretty colors... 

Well, that was it for the update today. Hope you have a sunny day as I am having.

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  1. Your blog is so lovely Jenny, it is a joy to see your creaminess and amazing color combos.
    Have a wonderful week! Xo

  2. Super wrapping, gorgeous flowers, triple gorgeous cushion and I just love it that it was bought by another crafter! PS I still wanted to comment on your previous posting. I have a weakness for littlest pet shops too and here in South Africa artists are transforming Kewpie Dolls in great pieces of art. I will go and photograph some in a shop nearby - you have to see it!

    1. He Magda, How are you?? Not moved yet? I'm looking forward to the pictures. I have such a weakness for cute dolls... And thanks for the compliment.

  3. Well done for your sale! I love the trouble you take with your gorgeous gift wrapping and those little cute crocheted flowers!

  4. Well done Jenny!!!
    clap clap

  5. Good job! You create really unique and beautiful things, so I am not surprised it got sold so quick!

  6. Great .... and the present looks wonderful :-)
    Greetings from Berne, mimi

  7. Wauw geod gelukt! Ik vind hem ook erg mooi. Ik geniet ook van alles wat je maakt, inderdaad je wordt er gelijk blij van.

  8. Thanks everyone!! It's always so uplifting to share this stuff with you guys. Have a wonderful day!

  9. Only just getting around to reading everyone's blogs for the day.... wow, that is great news re selling your gorgeous cushion cover, and the wrapping is so pretty.
    Tracey xx

  10. Absolutely share your enthusiasm. How good it feels to the recognition of your work, no?
    Also that liiiittle sadness for the hollow in the row of your products ... You will not miss it for long, because every day will do more nice things. Beautiful packaging, with flowers and all ... VERA (With my terrible English of google translator, haha!)

  11. yay yay yay!!! they're here! xoxoxoxo

  12. do you have instagram or twitter so I can mention you when I post my new photo? xo.


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