Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Moving And A Give-Away

So, please excuse me for my absence yesterday... I had a busy weekend and monday. As I told you, the little one was sick. She kept being sick until yesterday afternoon, so I had my hands kinda full... But that didn't keep me from either crochet or coming up with rather tiring projects like moving our bedroom to the attic and my craft room to our 'old' bedroom on the second floor.

I always tend to get these ideas on the most inconvenient moments, like when one of the kids is sick and my man is about to go kite surfing in 2 hours. But since we're both quite impulsive, we did it right away!! And after running the stairs about a zillion times, it was done... Well, the bedroom was done. My craft room was still a raving mess.

That's what I did yesterday. Tidying up and decorating my new room. Ohhhh, how I love to do that. And even though it's far from done (I still need to paint the walls, hang the new roller blinds, getting lots of new accessories,  hanging 'art' on the wall) I feel at home here in my new place and don't understand why I didn't think of this sooner...


O, well, I'm here now and enjoying this new opportunity to do something else than crochet all day for a change. I went to the thrift store right away and bought some beautiful stuff, that needs to be painted before I show you.

These are some of the results of my decorating. I'm having so much fun with all my stuff. What color would you paint the walls?? I'm not sure yet. Plan to go color shopping today...

But, It's april by now and time for a Give-Away. I have a funny one this month. It's a crochet book on amigurumi's (we all know how much I love them...) and hats & scarfs. I got it when living in Thailand, but am not the amigurumi type. It's with instructions and charts. If you want to enter, make sure it is possible for me to contact you!!! If you're not really interested, please don't enter. The winner will be announced on monday the 14th.

Wow, had a lot to share with you today. Hope I made up for yesterday. 

Have a haily day (I am and I love it. And I loved all the rain on the roof all night long too, in my new attic bedroom...)!!

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  1. A bedroom in the attic is perfect! Rain on the roof. I love that. :) I'm redesigning my craft room, bought new shelves, reorganising etc. etc. Love doing that!

  2. Wow what a great room. My favorite color is pink so I would choose that color for your wall. I would like to win your give away book of the amigurumi. I love them to! And the book is pink ofcourse so it will look beautifull in my living room.

    have a nice day!
    Jessica Leegstra

  3. Oh I am so interested! I hope you little one is ok now. I can't believe how fast you left your craft room looking sooo beautifull! I've been doing that for so long and still not quite pleased about it. Thanks for this opportunity! I crochet a lot (for my girls mostly of course)
    Patricia (patoapteratgmaildotcom)

  4. Your new craft room looks really good, wish I had a spare room just for my crafts.... I guite like the walls white, nice contrast to your colourful crochet and wool (or yarn :)). Would love to be included in the give-away, please. Have a nice Easter holiday, Jana

  5. Wow, I love the way your new craft room looks! I tink I'd paint the walls limegreen because it complements the pink and orange colors beautifully and it's such a fresh color for spring. Hope the little one is ok now?

  6. Oh, I can relate to those furniture-shuffling-urges. They come at the oddest hours, don't they? :)
    I would love to participate in your give-away. That book does look really funky!
    Have fun decorating your new craftroom, what I can see in your pictures looks awesome!

  7. You are so lucky,looks great.Amazing giveaway,so generous of you,who can resist it.Thank you for the chance to win it.Have a great week.

  8. Hey everyone! Thanks for your suggestions and concerns about my little girl. She's alright now. Went to school again today... Gives me a little rest too. Well... Rest, just time to do more stuff!

  9. LOVE the room. It inspires me to make mine more efficient. I love to win stuff, but I will decline the giveaway. I'm not into amigurumi enough to take up an entry for someone who does enjoy it.

  10. Your new craft room looks so cute already! Your colorful things looks so bright and cheerful, whatever color you choose to paint the walls should be very pale if you want to keep that effect. I like the white! Nice giveaway, but like you, I'm not the amigurumi type. Someone will be thrilled to have it though!

  11. I just love you beautiful color combo's..amazing:)

  12. I love the colours in your crafting room. It seems like a nice relaxing place.

  13. this would be such a fun book! i am new to crochet and still trying to teach myself, but i got interested after seeing a book at the library about amigurumi. i can't wait until i know what i am doing enough to try one! (lesleyana1@yahoo.com)

  14. Hi Jenn, I love your craft room, it is super duper space! I would paint the walls a very light soft silvery grey. It is a colour the eye doesn't tire of and will be a great background for both the white furniture as well as the colourful crochet.
    Would love to be in the running for the book as well, I can smell shared crochet moments with my daughter who loves Thailand as well as amigurumi. Cheers!

  15. Your craft room loods very nice, colourful but quiet as Well. Well done

  16. By the way, would like to be in the running for the book top! Almost my birthday so should be a lovely extra present! :)))))

  17. Your craft room is absolutely gorgeous!!
    I'd love to be entered for a chance to win the crochet book :-)

  18. Sounds like you've been super busy, moving the craft room is often a good idea though to unearth hidden treasures. Do live your blog and tutorials, I have just started crocheting again as am stuck on the couch with a broken foot for 6 weeks, getting about in a wheelchair and crutches! Not the best. I an enjoying crocheting again though having fun with an African flower baby blanket and an amigarumi cat. I would love to try some more of these cute designs they are very addictive. Best wishes with all your projects Cilla Rule PS I would keep the walls neutral also good for hanging projects

  19. Congrats on your new crafting space! If it were mine, is paint it petal pink to make all the yarny colors you use pop. :) I love rain on the roof at night or any time, and I'd enjoy the amigurumi book, too. As long as I'm here, I'd love to invite you and your followers to join my link-a-long every Friday and weekend (all things homemade and handmade welcome) at www.GoCrochetCrazy.blogspot.com . I thoroughly enjoy your blog and look forward to each bright, colorful post. :)

  20. I have a attic bedroom too ! Its super cozy with sloping roof and you can hear all the birds walking about in the morning . I think you should paint your new craft room a bright aqua blue . Great giveaway x
    Lucy x

  21. Your craftroom looks beautiful, I wish I had one too! Now the couch is my craft space...
    Great giveaway, I would love to enter! When I started crocheting, I mostly made amigurumi (still do), but actually love making blankets, scarfs etc as well!

  22. You did a great job, how beautiful! I would definetly like to have such a craftroom too :)
    I would also love to enter the giveaway! I do knitting, crochet and sewing but amigurumi would be lovely too.
    When I was little, I always wanted to do amigurumi :)

    1. I've no blog.. but my link referred to one. I'd rather say my mail is getxsun@gmail.com

  23. omg I love your space!! xo.

  24. What a lovely place you have, I am so in love with these colours, really "springy" =)
    I would like to participate, if it is Ok as I am French.
    Thanks anyway for all the beautiful crocheted things you are sharing on your blog.

  25. I love all the colors! It makes me happy just looking at the pictures :) I would also like to enter the giveaway, my email is petrification(at)gmail(dot)com

  26. Wauwwwwww, dat ziet er zonnig uit op je hobbykamer ! Daar word je toch vrolijk van en jaloers op ! :-)
    Fijn dat kindlief weer opgeknapt is ! Ik denk dat mooi aquablauw leuk is op de muur, of verschillende kleuren vlakken op een witte muur, zoals eigenlijk de kleuren in al je projecten !
    Dat boek..... tja...... daar zou ik heeeeeeel graag een gokje op willen wagen. Alleen de kaft al ziet er geweldig uit !
    Trouwens alvast gefeliciteerd met manlief !

    Fijn weekeinde met hopelijk veel creatieve momenten :-)


  27. I have made a couple crochet toys,they are time consuming with detail,but really are cute when your done.
    I would use your color scheme of blues from the flower square III pattern

  28. Your blog is beautiful , I would love to have a go at making the little animals they are so cute ! I hope your move goes well .

  29. amazing colors and place 😻 what type of yarn are you using ? I really want to start working on project but cant find a good type or company to start with I live in UAE and I want to make an order through a website so I have no chance to take a close look on the yarn if you may suggest something for me I'll be greatfull :)
    amazing colors and place 😻 what type of yarn are you using ? I really want to start working on project but cant find a good type or company to start with I live in UAE and I want to make an order through a website so I have no chance to take a close look on the yarn if you may suggest something for me I'll be greatfull :)

  30. I love it! Totally my style, easy, using what you have, and looks great!

    Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds & Perfect Fit Blinds


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