Friday, April 4, 2014

Flower Coaster Tutorial II

I've been working on it for a while, but it's done now! The Flower Coaster II Tutorial. It's in my shop as of today. You can find it here. Go over and have a look!

It's of the same quality as my previous tutorial, the Flower Coaster I and has a little addition. I've included photo's on the finishing of. You will be able to finish of like I do; without visual beginning or end.

My little one came home sick the yesterday. She has an ear infection and both didn't get a lot of sleep last night... I think we'll spend the day watching cartoons or Disney Classics on the couch. With my hook and yarn ready off course... 

Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Hi Jenn! Your coasters are as usual wonderful. Thanks for spending time to write a tutotial.
    I wish to your daughter to get well soon, and old Disney cartoons will help healing!

  2. I love your new flower coaster. What a good idea to add details on your finishing off - that's always so useful to have tips like that so we can incorporate them into our own work.
    I hope your little girl will soon be feeling better. Couch time with mummy sounds like the perfect cure!

  3. wat vervelend dat je dochter ziek is. Veel beterschap.

  4. colour combinations are adorable.. :)) thanks for the tutorial.

  5. love those spring colors!! gets me so excited for summer. Hope your daughter is feeling better x

  6. Your coasters are really lovely - gorgeous colours. Sleepless nights are awful - I have five children so I have had more than my fair share of them - I do hope that after a day of cuddles and Disney your little girl will be feeling better.


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