Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mastering The Basics: Join-As-You-Go

As many of you know, I'm a big fan of the Join-As-You-Go method, for joining my granny squares. It's super easy, much faster than sewing or joining finished squares and it looks good too! And on top of all that, it makes finishing off all those loose ends go much faster. If you are convinced by my speech, give it a go! Before you know it, it will be your favorite way of joining all those pretty squares...

Stitches (US Terms):
Chain: Ch
Single Crochet: Sc
Double Crochet: Dc
Slip Stitch: Ss

You start with 1 finished square. You can use any kind of granny square for this method, as long as it's not a solid square. (For the classic granny square above you can find a tutorial here). Than, start the next square and when you come to the final round (make it as big as you like), you crochet your first corner and when you arrive at the next corner space, 3 dc, 1 ch. That's when you start to join with the first square.

Make sure you yarn is right from your hook when you put the hook in a corner space of the first square (hold the squares back to back). Sc in that space, then make 3 dc into the same corner space (of the square you're working on, pic 6-8). 1 sc into the next space (of the first square) between 2 3dc's from the first square (pic 9).

Now just proceed. You are making a 'normal' granny square, just adding a sc where you join your squares. Super easy. Don't forget to keep your yarn on the right side of your hook!
Once you arrive at the second corner, join with a sc and ch 1, 3 dc into the same corner space. Then just finish your square as usual.

Now you will be joining a 3rd square. It's the same process as the first two squares, because you still only join 1 side. Just repeat as you did above.

When you have joined 3 squares, it's time to join the 4th, which is joined on 2 sides. Just repeat the method above, but when you arrive at the second corner (of the second square), 1 sc into that corner space, and after that, 1 sc into the first corner space of the third square. (If this sounds like abracadabra, just look at pic 20 and 21). Don't forget to add 3 dc into the corner space of your square. Just proceed and join your square with a ss in the end.

You have a Join-As-You-Go square now. You can just keep repeating this until your blanket or cushion or whatever you want, is the right size. Keep adding squares until you are finished.

Almost done... Now just finish of your loose ends. I like this pattern so much, 'cause it's so darn easy to finish off the loose ends! Just follow the pics above and you'll have a very pretty piece of art.

Have fun and Crochet Away!!


  1. really good tutorial! thank you,
    xxxxx Ale

  2. tus tutoriales son de gran ayuda
    tus imagenes hermosas,

  3. Thanks for tutorial! Will be helpful for me too, when I attempt another blanket :) Loving your 4 cheerful granny squares :)

    1. It will make finishing a blanket so much easier! Good luck

  4. It seems easy ; )
    Thank you

  5. Super kursik! Podziwiam Twoje prace, pozdrawiam!

  6. Hello Jen, I got here through Pinterest, and I am in love with your blog. I don't crochet :( , but I love it, and your blog is so colorful, beautiful crochet, a place to come and enjoy, a lot!

    1. Thank you Regina! I'm glad it inspires you. Have fun with it!


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