Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Been busy busy on the crochet front. About a 100 projects at the same time. Should try to finish more before I start something new (haven't I said that before???)... But after all my Pastel Action of the last few weeks I was in need of a die hard color fix and decided to start a Color Bomb project right away. How you like my choice of colors?

I love this old pattern. I used it on a few of my earlier blankets and with this one I would still have been going on if there weren't so much 'time suckers', like kids, moving, cooking, cleaning, constantly working through piles of laundry (they never seem to shrink, do they?) and wanting to spend some quality time with the man of the house. Pfjeww, I always wonder where I find the time to sleep...

But I must say, I have a great man and kids for support. We had our first family meeting last sunday, since our kids are now 4 and almost 8 I thought it was time to make some change around here. I told them how my blog and shop are making me busier and busier and how I thought it was no longer fair for me to clean up after everybody else, since they all have their responsibilities. They promised to make an effort and next sunday we will evaluate... Exciting right??

Anywho, I'm also working on a new flower square. I know, I know, my latest pattern still needs to be turned into a tutorial (almost done!) and I will try to make it as quick as I can. But you know me, I like to stay in action, and sometimes one needs to create, or design, or just crochet instead of making a 1000 pic's and writing down instructions. It will be in my shop soon, I promise!!

That's it for me today. Have a wonderful wednesday!

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  1. I love that flower square with the puffy petals!
    The days are never long enough for any of us! I can hear this refrain all over the place! There are the things we must do, the things we can or can't do - and we just start with the most important and fit in the others as best we can!

  2. I really love the flower square, cannot wait to see the tutorial!
    Although I really love pastels, I also like the colors you are working with now!

  3. Well done!! Afspraken maken met je gezin...fijn als je zo met elkaar kan praten en zo leert iedereen dat het niet vanzelf gaat. Ik had het achteraf gezien ook wel iets meer willen doen, dat verdelen van taken. Je nieuwe werk ziet er grappig uit. Leuk die gekke okergele ertussen. Je bloemetjesblokken zijn ook om te smelten. Ik lees met veel plezier je posts iedere keer! En start net als jij iedere keer iets nieuw terwijl er een ander stemmetje in mijn hoofd roept: héé je bent nog niet klaar met al dat andere..maar soms kan je gewoon niet anders;)


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