Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vintage Pillow

So it's finished. I love the way it turned out. And the cotton is very soft too. I have no pictures of the back yet, since the light just wasn't right. Show you sometime later. (I tried, but when I saw them on my screen it didn't work...)

I'm not totally sure where to put it yet. The colors are quite different from what I'm used to. What to do, what to do??

This is my very dear Piny Pon collection. I can never resist buying them because they're so pretty and colorful and happy. I finally found the right type case (is that the right word??) and painted it Vintage Blue... Don't they just lift up your spirit?

And for what I doing now... I've been wanting to use my scraps for ages. They just lay there in a nice basket, doing nothing, so I finally came with a plan. The scraps will be perfect for my square potholder idea. What do you think??

I love tuesday, 'cause it's MY day. No kids until dinner (which I don't have to cook, but my love does... Talk about luxury) and the whole house to myself. I've been sitting in my craft room all day. No cleaning, nog folding laundry, no fuzz at all. 

So I will proceed doing that. Hope you have a lovely dat as well!


  1. You are lucky to stay home today in your craft room!
    Have a good day!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful cushion! ♥ Well done :-)) And the tiny dolls are really cute, sweet happy little girls!

  3. Love your cushion!

    Did you join your squares so that there is a border between them? How?

  4. Beautiful finished cushion Jenn, and your Piny Pon collection are very cute. In English I would say they are in a 'display cabinet' or 'display case', so your use of case is pretty spot on! :) I love your plans for the scraps, and I'm so glad you had a lovely day to yourself x

  5. the cushion came out gorgeous and I think you can put anywhere in your colourful home!
    The scraps potholder is another loely idea!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  6. Oh! lovely cushion. Lovely colours. What have you used... cotton? yarn? acrylic?

    Piny Pon HOUSE looks too cute.

    1. I used cotton (as I always tend to do). Creative Cotton and Drops Paris are the brands I used and a 5,5 hook.

  7. J'adore !!!!!
    Love your cushion, even one of my favorite !
    Piny Pon are very cute, I like the idea of the "display case", may be I'm gonna do the same for my Sonny Angel (I don't want them to be jealous ;)

  8. Thanx again, everyone, for all the compliments!!

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